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  1. I just received my MVP in Consumer Security last month. I thought adding malware-removal certification would be a useful addition and another way to help people in ways I cannot today. I learned long ago to become the best, you need to be trained by the best. I started by checking for how certification worked and found my way to UNITE. Once there, I saw the list of sites that offered training that they sanctioned - a list of "the best" - and there was this site. The rest is history (or, given how new I am here, the rest is yet to come).
  2. Thanks so much! It did work like a charm. Kosh
  3. It worked fine in Chrome. I've attached the relevant screenshot (I hope) in case you want to pursue what seems like some kind of bug now that it's been confirmed by someone else, so it isn't just me. Using compatibility mode as recommended by NoSuch worked like a charm and I'm now fine. Thanks for all your help with this. I'm sorry I didn't think about that myself, but to be honest, I've never needed to use Compatibility Mode for any other site (or anything in any other product for that matter), so it simply never occurred to me.
  4. Yes I can get to my profile several ways but I don't see how that helps. How do I get to Messenger from there? I can't see how to get there from my profile or anywhere other than the dropbox that doesn't work. There's no button or tab or link or anything to get to Messenger. The only way I can do it is with a special shortcut created when I received a PM which allowed me to get in using the notification. Now I can use that to send a PM or otherwise view and manage them and use the notification to get to it only if I receive one. Oh, and I use MSE and it hasn't blocked anything since before I registered. I'm not even sure it would block something like this anyway. There's also nothing related anywhere in the Event Viewer. Thanks everyone for the assistance. Kosh
  5. Yes, that one works just fine. I found a few other dropdowns and all I saw worked. The only one giving me trouble that I could find is the one with my name that leads to the five places. It's too bad there's no other way to get to Messenger (other than a separate shortcut) as seems to be possible for the other four choices. Thank you.
  6. Right now it's set to allow 1st & 3rd party cookies and to override site cookie settings - which should allow maximum cookie usage. Are you saying I should LOWER it to, for example, remove 3rd party cookies as an option or such? I'll try clearing obvious cookies from this site and starting over again in a while and report back - but I have to get some other things done for a while. Thanks for the suggestion and the idea. I appreciate the assistance (and hope that does the trick).
  7. Briefly is an overstatement. It flashes for a second. It certainly does not stay up. And even when flashing, if I manage to highlight Messenger (or anything else) and click it before it disappears, it does not work. I have no script blockers installed (and a variety of scripts work fine on other sites though there are all types of scripts so I'm not sure to which type you are referring); however, to be sure it wasn't an IE setting, I changed every entry in Security and Advanced to either enable or prompt for every possible script-related control. I removed any that were set to disabled even if I know better and will be setting them back as they were very shortly and I'm not really safe as they are now configured. In any event, the problem persists. Thanks for the reply and the idea. If possible, what else on this site that I can get to uses that same type of script so I can see if it works or also fails - then we'll know whether or not scripts are the issue. Kosh
  8. Hi, When I try to go to one of the five options available under my name (e.g., Messenger) by clicking on my name (no matter where I am at the time), it flashes the options for about one second and disappears. If I'm really fast, I can sometimes actually click the one I want before it vanishes, but it still doesn't take me there. I know other easy ways to get to profile and settings. I rarely need friends - and also can get there another way. I know what ignore means and can't imagine ever needing to use it. The real issue is Messenger since there seems to be no other way to get to it that I've found. At the moment, my "workaround" is a second shortcut. So now I have one to take me to the forums and another to take me specifically to Messenger. It's not ideal, but it works. I'd prefer to be able to use the options under my username. It's probably a setting I have wrong or some add-on I don't have. The only other problem I'm having here is that the arrow buttons do not seem to work well for me inside the text boxes (like where I'm typing now). They move the cursor one space and then freeze - but I can live with that. I'm not otherwise having any troubles on this site or on any other site. I'm using 32-bit Vista Business SP2 and IE9 - both fully updated. I cannot think of any settings which would cause the dropbox to fail like that. I tried logging in just using www.spywareinfoforum.com in the address bar and nothing else and it made no difference. I tried using IE9 with no add-ons and that did not work either. I've cleared all temporary files not only with the option in IE, but also with that option in CCleaner (no, I'd never use the Registry cleaner functions of that program) as well as Old Timer's TFC to get all temp files. Even if a different browser worked, I'd still never use it instead of IE9 on a day-to-day basis so I haven't checked. Since nobody else appears to be complaining, I imagine I'm going to be told it has something to do with my system somehow. Then again, I recently discovered Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer V1 released last week presented a certificate verification error but when reported it was determined to be a bug that applied ONLY to Vista SP2 (and it was 100% reproduceable). My computer cannot be upgraded to W7 or W8 due to hardware incompatibility and I'm not in a financial position to buy a new one at this time (and would prefer to wait for newer models made after the release of the final version of W8 and thus as compatible as possible and included with the purchase) - especially when these are the only issues I'm having and it otherwise does everything I need as fast as I really need it to work. Does anyone have any ideas or are two shortcuts with notification alerts set to tell me if new messages arrive (and the notice in the website gets me to the Messenger page - but obviously only the first time since a new message notification appears only once) the only reasonable choices short of radical changes or deeply intensive troubleshooting? Thanks for any assistance or advice you can provide. Kosh
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm interested in becoming a malware-removal expert through training in a UNITE-approved school to add to my MVP in Consumer Security. I've been helping people as much as possible as a relative amateur and would like to REALLY be able to help them with these horrible problems. Your program looks like one of the best and I recognize that learning from the best means I can eventually offer better assistance to OPs. After 20+ years owning a computer repair company, many Microsoft certifications, currently being a moderator on Microsoft's Virus and Malware forum in Answers, and sufficient time being mostly retired and spending most of my time online helping people, I believe I can both learn quickly and become an asset to your forum. But I imagine you're going to want that and more in a special format you'll presumably be sending by PM. I'll complete it ASAP and in the meantime try to complete more profile information here (but the site won't let me so I'll wait but don't know if I'll be able to get to a PM or recognize it's even there until I can get to my profile). Thanks for your consideration! I look forward to the training and the opportunity to help people in this new way that I simply didn't have the skills to do (or do properly) before - and yes, I know it will take time. But maybe less than we both think if it really is mostly self-paced. Kosh