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  1. I prefer AVG free 2011...but I have been using Norton, Kaspersky, Immunet Plus antivirus and Avast for my system protection and they work fine. Regular updates and scan is enough to keep my system free from virus infections. EDIT: To disable link... You have now referenced Immunet several times and chose to include a link this time... It appears that you are trying to promote this program and that will not be accepted in this forum... Any further efforts to promote it will result in being banned as a SPAMmer... Please do not post any more references or links to programs that you wish to promote... Thank you...
  2. I don’t think spyware blaster is available for chrome. You may install any other AV program for chrome like Immunet, Panda Cloud, Kaspersky or any other anti-malware program.
  3. It’s very tough task to say which one is better, but I can tell you about my experience. I’m using AVG’s free version and Immunet together and they both are working fine together.
  4. I don’t think it has replaced the Ad-Aware 2008, Spybot. I think MalwareBytes have became more famous by the time as it is new in market and it takes update time to time.
  5. You must have a fast and light antivirus program installed in your PC. If your AV program will have a good speed then it would automatically scan all the viruses before opening the link.