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  1. Hello, I noticed a new folder the other day: C:\Qoobox that has a quarantine and Backenv subfolder. I'm concerned that it's malware and would appreciate your help to find out. Other info in case it's relevant: I run Norton 360 and Malewarebytes' Anti-Maleware. I did a full system scan and Norton didn’t find any threats. Autoruns shows a process called catchme that it indicates came from the folder C:\ComboFix\catchme.sys (that no longer exists) and there are catchme folders in the registry. MY OS is Windows 7 Pro and all updates have been applied. I've been having problems booting lately. The computer runs fine in Safe Mode. I'd been having alot of problems with member disks dropping out of a RAID array so recently broke the RAID. In the process my user profile got corrupted. The boot issues may be associated with remnants of that issue or hardware problems. Norton 360 recently quarantined some Trojans from a few email messages. My PC was recently at repair shop. They may have run some virus tests. Thanks for your help!