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  1. cnm Thanks for the link. I think what I'm looking at is just the way things are configured, which I've previously taken for granted. I now think the C$ and D$ drive listings containing files that can be shared depending on permissions etc. cnm Wrote: For the share.txt, it seems your C:\ folder is not writable. "cd" to some folder that is writable? Thanks for commenting on this I'll check that out. This topic has got a touch messy and might confuse others, so if you wish to delete it, please do. Thanks again for the help. Edit cnm Wrote: For the share.txt, it seems your C:\ folder is not writable. "cd" to some folder that is writable? Yes that worked.... thanks for the suggestion, sse image below.
  2. cnm Thanks for the reply. If you have any last advise before I post logs that would be great. I appreciated your efforts to resolve my issue / questions. I have since clean installed reinstalled Window 7 and the same two drives are set as shared by default. I'll need to work out a resource where to find out about why $C and $D are shared by default. I'm not sure this is a malware issue. I did follow your instruction explicitly changing directory just didn't seem to create a text file. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\D>cd c:\ c:\>net share > share.txt Access is denied. c:\> c:\>net share Share name Resource Remark --------------------------------------------------------------- C$ C:\ Default share D$ D:\ Default share IPC$ Remote IPC ADMIN$ C:\Windows Remote Admin The command completed successfully. c:\>
  3. cnm Thanks for the reply. For me, "Sharing" implies a voluntary choice to share. Now I'm thinking it's mandatory at installation level. Not understanding "Sharing" concerns me as I'm now thinking I'm a vunerable to internet / computer security breach while unknowingly sharing everything! This is a fresh clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium. I can't work out what criteria, during the Windows 7 installation process, determines $C and $D as shared drives. Although it's described as a default, can $C and $D sharing be disabled? I'd like to think I was in control of everything shared. I ran c:\share.txt as explained but it returned "Access Denied", although I'm the administrator. Thanks for your patience.
  4. cnm Thanks for the reply. I thought it strange as I only use the PC to connect to the internet and personal use. For example - No sharing whatsoever ! Does this look like a malware issue to you? If so I will review what's changed before posting logs. Please advise a little further.
  5. I was of the understanding "Sharing" was entirely disabled on my system. The Warning - "This folder is shared with other people" would imply not. Questions: 1. Does the image attached reflect my C and D HDD's as shared ? To what extent would they be they shared? Internet wide? 2. How to I get a printable list of everything shared on my PC? 3. How do I entirely disable sharing including C and D HDD's of any kind on my PC? Thanks in advance
  6. I notice on the Firewall Page, he suggests that ZoneAlarm to be a good Firewall. https://www.grc.com/su-firewalls.htm Personally, I used it for a long time and the Free version was just fine. I then purchased the Full version ( 3-4 years ago) which was in my opinion, was bloated and for some reason caused the system to go slow. Uninstalling resolved the issue,. I thought I'd try it again, as it was mentioned on the grc web page ( to see if the issues were in my imagination), no they were'nt ! When I went to uninstall it..... there was no uninstall listing in Programs and Features or via the Start menu (Windows 7). Looking on the ZoneAlarm website for uninstall advise was fruitless. Eventually I came across a Zone Alarm uninstall utility "clean.exe" on the internet. I ran it an was surprised to find it quickly removed ZoneAlarm from my PC. ZoneAlarm Uninstall Utility - clean.exe http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/zone_alarm_uninstall.html All seems to be fine since uninstalling ! Can anyone shed some light on what they consider currently as reliable trouble free Firewall software ? Thanks In Advance.
  7. Hello Thanks for your feedback. It does make much sense to test from the outside. That's what attracted me to the site when I cam upon it by chance. Pity I didn't know about it sooner. As Steve Gibson comments on the SheildsUp site: Any time a change is made to your system apply his tests to ensure a vulnerability hasn't been introduced. It sounds like good advise. Thanks again for posting.
  8. I came across ShieldsUp recently. I write to ask if anyone can advise is SheildsUp a genuine "Peoples Interest" test or is the test more about Software Development testing on the part of whoever ? The same goes for Leak Test In the FAQ it was pointed out that some Software did not reveal Test Leak as malware when ideally it should have. The explanatory link is broken, which supposedly Quotes Vendor Text confirming it to "Safe" I can appreciate that Steve Gibson might be an expert in all these security issues and may be acting in "peoples" best interests. Although at the same time may be just using Social Engineering to obtain whatever information he can from testing his external environment. If Steve Gibson's intensions are genuine. Thanks. Sheilds Up https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 Leak Test https://www.grc.com/lt/faq.htm I notice also the FAQ goes back to 2001 ! What's happened since? Edit The site does contain a wealth of interesting tests, information and explanations. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Hello Housema Thanks for posting your findings. So does it have a resident mode, when I emailed them they quite specifically said No ! and because it didn't have a Resident Mode it couldn't be disabled! I have just stuck with 1.62 too, it works just fine for me. Who needs the hassle of Spybot SD2.0 eh?
  10. cnm and Budfred Thanks for the replies, explanation and links. I wasn't sure about gmail, but that sounds good, I'll maybe get a gmail account. cnm wrote: That type of application sounds good sort of dynamic learn as you teach it, sounds brilliant. Thanks Again
  11. Can anyone advise me if there are any reliable anti-spam application on he market. I did a quick google and there was a page full of results but then how do you seperate the good from the bad? Any suggestions would be well received, thanks in advance. Edit I've blocked certain email address (AOL Connection) but they return. One in particular is and email from ...Canadian Pharmacy. Googling suggests certain spam can be problematic and difficult to get rid of one they have an email address. Canadian Pharmacy came up a one such spammer. I don't really understand how these spammers work are they really penetrating the internet providers servers? Just looking for software that focuses 100% on spam (no Antivirus combination etc.....)
  12. Budfred Thanks for taking the time to explain. I see the sense in what you say. I just mentioned that I liked Avast Free Antivirus.... really it was out of context with the topic. I wrote back to SpybotSD 2.0 and this is their response I'm sorry, but as I said Spybot 2 does currently not have a resident feature, hence it can't be disabled or installed in a non resident mode, as there is none. It maybe I'm I've judged it unfairly and should try it for myself. It's just that I've read poor reviews about it. I appreciate your comments regarding the use of Defender (I've been disabling it) and MBAM. Although what I do at the moment seems reliable, it may be that I'm not as protected as I think I am for reasons I might have overlooked. Hopefully you can make sense of this post.... I'm kind of thinking out loud !
  13. Hello Budfred You Wrote: I have MBAM (Free) and SpyBotSD 2.0 installed on my PC as I found in the passed for whatever reason they seem to identify different malware. I mean I can scan with one and find nothing whilst the other does and visa versa that being if an infection gets in which isn't that often when following the advise given on Spyware info. I also like Avast Free Anti-virus.
  14. Hello Tex10 You Wrote: Well that's much what I though and learnt through this site theres no one solution. Hopefully they sort it out 1.62 has been so good ..... if it ain't broke don't fix it eh?
  15. Hello Tex10 I understood the Defender issue you explained so when I emailed the SpybotSD 2.0 Support I included a link to this topic and asked for them to comment. When I asked the question I made the mistake of refering to Windows 8, 7 etc compatibility. My post would have been more informative had I asked the correct question, sorry about that. So who is at error here, microsoft or the Spybot Folk? It would be better if the OS didn't force Defender and it's Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware toolon folk.