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CWS response to Email

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#1 Guest_pugs_*

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Posted 26 June 2004 - 12:09 AM

I had gotten fed up with coolweb and decided to email them as many times a day as I could. Finally I got a response from this guy from coolweb. I had several email exchanges with him and when I asked for a uninstaller for the about:blank variant this is what I got back.

Hello Sean!

You have to ask how to get rid of about:blank pages
www.umaxsearch.com. They have got a contact info on their home page.
This is their idea to install start pages about:blank and it's their
marked as coolwebsearch or coolwwwsearch.

I heard that they have even got an affiliate program for anyone who
wants get easy money
using their virus. Our practice shows that people got this virus coming
to free porno sites.
Also they got a domain www.coolwebsearch.net that led to
I saw yesterday that they stop using this domain as a search engine web
But before (about a week and much earlier) this web page got our
slogan and name. They just sneaked them and put on their web site.
Sure, from their point of view that was a smart idea, no, a great idea
- they can
distribute their virus and all abuses will go to us. What is a real
smart idea!
I believe that's why their virus was called coolwebsearch or
And now we got enormous number of complains and have to answer to very
angry people (after I saw this virus working I quite understand them)
who is responsible for their troubles.
Because in our God damn world everybody is smart enough to type
coolwebsearch.com and
nobody - coolwebsearch.net.
I have got only one suggestion - stay away from free porno sites and
you'll be all right. Otherwise - get ready for troubles.

#2 Tuxedo Jack

Tuxedo Jack

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Posted 27 June 2004 - 01:22 AM

Hilarious. It's a good thing these affiliates aren't hosted in the U.S. or they'd have a class-action suit against them.

No idea if _RUSSIAN_ law would let us sue.
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#3 Guest_pugs_*

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Posted 27 June 2004 - 01:44 AM

yeah i know jack, im talking with serge and alex the "programmers" from cws, which is funny to me cause i dont know why you need programmers for a website unless your making programs. But anyway I may be able to squeeze some md5's from em and have ducky throw em into the A:B. So well see what happens.

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