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I don't want to reformat again

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#1 orleans97



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Posted 27 June 2004 - 04:59 PM

Dell Dimension 2350
Intel 82845 Graphics chip

Out of the blue was updating the office computers. Tried to install the new drivers for the 82845 graphics chipset it keeps telling me access denied. Manually installed the drivers, all files were copied to their destinations and at the very end of the process it gave me a screen which said.An error occurred during the installation of the device access is denied.I have deleted all previous drivers, also tried to load in safe mode, nothing at all. I'm stumped updated drivers before on this computer no problems now all of a sudden it won't.No i'm not logged in as admin. I do have admin priv. from what I could see when I checked.I updated the drivers under this log in before, and the priv. were the same.
The system is set up, net to router router to 4 computers straight and easy
I'm at my wits end.Help me, Please 640x480 is not a pretty screen.
P.S. Rollback did nothing.System Restore is turned off.
Its a Dell Dimension 2350(work computer) even tried Dell drivers.As far as I could check I have all permissions granted to me.Any more info needed just ask, I will be checking back often

P.S. Update just got back to work.To try some new stuff on this comp.
Found it was infected with 5 different Trojans.Now all clean.
Fresh restart, still the Access Denied message during video driver install.
I'm running out of ideas, Other than reformat or fresh installation of XP Pro.

#2 wawadave


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Posted 27 June 2004 - 07:20 PM

try going to start,run,type sfc /scannow clicl ok, put your xp cd in when asked.
this will rebuild any corupted windows and system files.
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Posted 27 June 2004 - 11:01 PM

If you tried everything, and want to reformat you hard drive.
You can try this first, if it doesn't work, then reformat.

Part I.
(1) You have to have a bootable Diskette, or a Bootable CD.
(2) Your Windows installation CD.
(3) If you have the space on your hard drive, copy your Windows CD to a subdirectory. I use the following, for Windows 98, "Win98". For Windows 2000, "Win2k". For Windows XP, "WinXP". This makes it easier and faster to install your OS.
(4) Have your diskette or CD handy, that can install the DOS drivers to enable your CDROM to work under DOS.
(5) Have your diskettes and/or CD's for all hardware drivers. Motherboard, video card, NIC card, etc.

Part II.
Then do the following....
(1) Boot your PC, using the Diskette or CD.
(2) Rename the "Windows" or "WINNT" subdirectory to anything else. I use "winold".
(3) Rename the "Program Files" subdirectory to anything else. I use "progold".

Remember at this point, Windows will now NOT boot boot up. It will boot instead to your C:\ directory. After renaming these TWO subdirectories, you can restart/reboot the PC.

Now install your OS from CD or from the subdirectory, Part I (3). It will tell you that your OS is already installed, in your renamed subdirectory. Just answer, "Another subdirectory". It will then ask you another question. Like "Are you sure? If you do this, Window Programs WILL NOT WORK". It will ask you for the new Subdir. I just the original one, "Windows" or "WINNT", depends on what OS you are installing.
This is ok, that is what you want it to do. This forces the installation program to install a FULL, NEW, COMPLETE OS.

Now just install as usual. This keeps all your existing programs and their data. And recreates a NEW registery. Now just install all your, hardware drivers and software next. This is MUCH easier than, reformatting your Hard Drive.

Remember, you will have to REINSTALL ALL WINDOWS Programs. And, install ALL Hardware drivers. Make sure you have all the drivers and software for your Motherboard, Video Card, NIC card, and any other drivers that you need. Printer, scanner, etc.

I think I remembered it all. If I didn't, somebody will add to this post!

#4 orleans97



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Posted 30 June 2004 - 04:56 PM

ok Ive run sfc no luck I have a clean hijack log no luck
Any other hints please help

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