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about blank, res -----.dll, search x, redirect

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I also had the redirect problem with IE- to About:Blank and also HomeOldSP, SearchX etc.. Removed it and it came back in 24 hours alway.

I tried this fix below and 2 days later no more problems...

The Offending DLL in my case was WINOBKP.DLL. I have rebooted probably 20 times, It has been 2 days and all seems well...

Here you go, hope it helps...




I had it and through some long nights searching i found a way to get rid of it.


forget shredding it away - it won't work as the actual file you need to get rid of is hiding in your system files. and when you find it , it can be a bit of S*** to get rid of it


these instructions come from a few websites searched from google using the words "about blank trojan"


b4 following these instructions TURN OFF system restore(or it will just return)


1) Download reglite (h**p://www.resplendence.com/)


2) install "Reglite" and run it, enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\\AppInit_DLLs into the address bar.


3) Double click on AppInit_DLLs to open a "Data Editor" properties window, if the bottom textfield named "Value" contains a .dll file; then this is the hidden file you need to get rid off.


4) You should not be able to delete this file if you try to clear the value field, IMPORTANT: take note of the path and name of the .dll file. Write it down so you do not forget it.


5) Rename the Folder "Windows" (This is a purple "highlighted" folder in the left hand window) to NOTWINDOWS. Simply click on the folder, click on "Edit" in the menu bar and select "Rename".


6) Click AppInit_DLLs again and clear the value containing the .dll and ok it. This should have removed the .dll


7) Rename the windows folder back to its original name "Windows".


8) Run SpyBot, Ad-Aware and CWShredder to clean last bits away




make sure you can see all files folders and hidden operating system files (using folder options)


navigate to the offending .dll file that you carefully took note of in step 4.


now simply rename it.


now drag it onto your desktop


then into the recycle bin


and empty it way.


restart machine


an easy way to spot if it as gone is to download and install avg 6.0 from grisoft.com


hope this helps.


RANT alert


and why the bloody hell did norton not stop this or FIND it ??????????????

Reese, I know you read these boards


EDIT: It will come back every 24 hours after the original infection. so it might be a day b4 you see it come back if you rely on cwshredder thingy

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