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netwrok spy?

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#1 felicias4



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Posted 28 June 2004 - 02:26 PM

I need some help. My home hasa wireless network and also a fwee weeks ago we ran ethernet cable down to the linux machine in the basement. My question is I have Internet Eraser and Spybot and Adawre on mycomputer--can my husband still be tracking my computer?? How can I find out and what can I do about it? Wil the internet eraser help? thanks!!!!!!!


#2 jack0



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Posted 29 June 2004 - 03:04 AM

Well, felicias4 first of Internet Eraser only cleans up your interent activites so the only use Internet Eraser will have is if your husband has direct access aka: sitting infront of your computer. As for Spybot and Ad-Adware if you can the lastest version and the lastest updates they should keep your computer clean from keyloggers and other software that can track your movements.

Im assuming that your husband is external which means that he does not have direct access to you computer. So the best way to see if he has any programs of any sort which reports to him what you have been doing (i think) is to set up a firewall and see if there is any program trying to access the internet.

i had to assume a lot of things so i hope this helps


#3 Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior


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Posted 05 July 2004 - 10:43 AM

Earthlink Toolbar from www.earthlink.net is the only thing that will pick up on Spector Pro, a personal check up on what other people are doing, kind of keylogger, spyware program. It captures everything. Ad-Aware and Spybot are both excellent programs, but do not find this nasty program. It also is very good at finding other things on your computer, but offers no removal unless you subscribe to Earthlink.
Of course nothing will stop the person getting directily on your computer, unless you have the computer password protected. Even then there are a number of password crackers that will discover the password in short order, if that is what the game is.

#4 twbates



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Posted 05 July 2004 - 12:11 PM

If it is a key logger that you are worried about I can say this. I've all types of spyware protection including spybot, adaware spy sweeper and I always keep spywareBlaster updated. The very best of all is Pest Patrol, I like their corporate edition. Properly set up it updates daily and finds everything .... everything, including key loggers. Enabled it checks for key loggers every time you boot and will remove them instanly. Beware however; many times a key logger will attach itself to another program runnning on you computer and when you disable the key logger it will screw up the other program(s).

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 01:25 AM

If your computer is connected via ethernet to your husband's computer, you are still very at risk of being spied on. This is particularly true if your husband's machine is the linux box you spoke of. Any thing you do via the internet will be visible to him, including (but not limited to) viewing what websites you visit, sniffing out website passwords, sniffing your email/aim/ftp passwords, reading your email and instant message traffic, and even credit card information. This is true for anyone who has more than one machine within their household connected to the same network. Anything broadcast over this network can easily be intercepted by a savvy individual sitting on one of these computers. The solution to avoiding this is to segment your computer off from the rest of the network, using additional routers, or configuring subnetworks appropriately. Espionage over wireless networks is also quite a few times easier. Essentially anyone within recieving range of your signal (ie. down the street, etc) will be able to monitor the same information mentioned above. A personal firewall on your machine will not prevent this type of activity, either. In order to view a website, read email, or send a message, your computer must send a request out over the network, and no matter what programs you run on your computer, this request, and the accompanying information will be visible to the whole network. It would be to your benefit to begin researching some basic network security if you are concerned about people in your own home spying on your internet activities. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions regarding this subject.

#6 Freebird


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Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:53 AM

The simplest thing would be to have your computer as a 'stand-alone' system. If you are worried about people monitoring your surfing preferences, don't connect your PC with your husbands. The wirless issue is far trickier to deal with, and I have no good suggestions regarding that.

However, if he has the capacity to spy on you, then you also have the ability to spy on him. :p

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