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Ad-Aware 01R326 01.07.2004

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A new reference file (01R326 01.07.2004) is now available.




Here is a breakdown explaining what is included:


New Items


Commander Toolbar


Updated Items


AsianRaw Dialer

BDSearch Plugin

ClickSpring (4 variants)

CoolWebSearch (5 variants)


IBIS Toolbar


Lycos Sidesearch

Matrix Technology Network



VX2* (9 variants)

Win32.SC.Keylog (3 variants)




* 8 of the 9 new VX2 variants have the same payload: a

DLL file which resists removal. This DLL is different

than what our original VX2 Cleaner plug-in was designed

to locate and remove. The plug-in has been updated

accordingly to allow for removal of this update. The

new version number is 1.01, and can be verified after

running the plug-in. If you have downloaded version

1.00 of the plug-in, you do not need to uninstall prior

to installing this version. Download using the plug-in

download link on our site. For more information, visit



Reference File Details


After updating, the detail-screen shows the following information:


Reference Number : 01R326 01.07.2004

Internal build : 258

Total size : 1281876 Bytes

Signature data size : 1261311 Bytes

Reference data size : 20501 Bytes

Signatures total : 28014

Target categories : 10

Target families : 508


Thanks to everybody who submitted us files for evaluation!


The Lavasoft Research & Development Team


Additional Information


You can use Webupdate to install the new reference

file, or download it manually from:



If you think something needs to be sent to us

for review, visit our submission site at:



If you have any questions, please contact us at:


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Thank you for the info kiwi!

I knew that name sounded familiar...you're quite important over at the lavasoft Forums. :D


Needless to say, love Adaware...part of my daily routine to check for new reference files.


Also updated the VX2 Plugin.

Again, thanks for the post and information. :wave:

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