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WallWatcher Adds Support for more Routers

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The free router log analysis tool WallWatcher (WW) is adding support for

additional routers. Previously WW only supported certain models of

Linksys router.


WallWatcher is particularly useful for its support of myNetWatchman, DShield, and the historical analysis of current events provided by the WallReviewer (WRV) function.


WW only runs on Windows.


Details on WW support are here:



Available beta versions for new router support are here:



Details on adding Router Support for additional routers are here:



Note that some routers do not create log records, or they create log

records that do not have sufficient information. Or they may

have other problems. So there are are some routers that cannot be

accomodated. All that can be done is for the prospective user to try to

gather a sample of the router log using the Log Capture Tool WW provides

and send the captured log in for examination.


Routers currently supported:

- D-Link DFL-80, DI-804HV (limited)

- Linksys BEF-series, such as BEFSR41, BEFSX41, and other similar


- Linksys RV and WRV-series, such as RV-08, WRV54G, and other similar


- Linksys WAG54G (compatible with BEF-series)

- Linksys WRT54G when running Sveasoft's modified Firmware

- Netscreen 5GT

- Routers using IPTABLES-formatted log records

- Other Routers compatible with any of the above


Routers currently in beta test:

new: Cisco PIX-series Routers - preliminary support

new: 2Wire 1800HW Router - preliminary support

new: Zyxel P334 Router - preliminary support

new: Netgear FR114P Router - preliminary support


WW supports submissions to the free firewall log analysis and reporting systems at myNetWatchmand and DShield (also free). WW also creates a log that the Windows myNetWatchman agent

can process.


In WW Options / Special you select "I'm using myNetWatchman".


In the MNW agent configuration, you set the log file format to

WallWatcher and you point the agent to the WWmNW.log file in the WW folder

(not the WW internal log folder).


As well you can independently send reports to DShield, using WW2DShield,

(also free).


(WW is free now, it may become free for non-commercial use (under 5 or 8

workstations) with a licensing fee for above that.)


- Keith

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