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Procedural question -

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I have 2 issues. Also, I want to thank you for this invaluable resource.


Issue 1: When I click on this topic in FAQ, I get a page-not-found error. I've gotten this over several days.


From the FAQ page:

Finally, please be patient. Your post may be answered immediately or may take several hours. This is an extremely busy message board and only specially-trained volunteers can answer most of the questions. If your post has not had a reply by the following day, post a reply to this topic to draw attention to it. It may simply have been overlooked among all the other hundreds of posts made here every day.


Issue 2: I see a pattern: I post something and I get near-immediate response. Then I seem to be ignored. In one case, the responder told me to run AboutBuster and HijackThis and post the logs. I did that, but the responder never analyzed my logs.


Later, I posted a log and requested an evaluation. No one did so.


Have I screwed up and gone on some "don't support" list? Or are my expectations wrong?


The posts I'm referring to are





Thank you.


I have made a donation to this site.

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Cardinal, I'm sorry you are experiencing this but the problem is we are so everwhelmed. Very few qualified helpers and so many new infections out there with literally hundreds of posts daily.


I personally am trying to learn how to fix some of these new infections as wil many other helpers doing so aswell. Noone is ignoring you, we are simply overwhelmed with victims.


This response will BUMP you to the top again though :p



P.S. You can always JOIN our BOOT CAMP and help us :D

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