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RubbeR DuckY

About:blank http://res fix works !!!

254 posts in this topic

Person got this error message:


Last bad data stream found: N

Currently Scanning File: C:\WINDOWCOMSETUP.LOG

Run-time error '13': Type Mismatch


Any idea? I read thru all the post and didn't see that error message.


Here's the link to post:



Thanks, MrC


EDIT: Fixed - used new version of AB. Thanks, MrC

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I had the problem About:blank... smart search, my explorer changed everytime I opened it new and tried to download stuff onto my desktop. How I solved it...


1. Spysweeper from webroot (free download) blocked the attempted takeover everytime (it worked better guard than spyguard), so I could still search the net.


2. I tried Buster, spysweeper, spybot, ad adware, hijack, find and fix CWS shredder, stinger, trojan hunter, find n fix, spybot and others... They all found things (and cured past infections) but NONE cured this new About:blank smart search. then I found ANTIVIR version 6. It told me my MSXWORD.DLL was infected by PMS/TLBar.XMFi.

3. I used Regedit to search for "msxword" and I deleted everything that I found.

4. re ran antvir

5. re booted


and it was gone. after three months of trying.


I would like to thank everyone involved in developing all of the above software, everone who contributes to spyware info and donates time and money to help the average infected user like me. I never would have done it without you all. Thanks a million :D

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Well I stumbled into the about_blank virus again and it did alot of homepage hijacking, adding to favorites with sex sites, and search websites, pop ups, and on and on, i found a program that got rid of everything in one try, which is probally because this program/website i found created the about_blank / coolwebsearch virus to begin with or at the least they know the creators since its the only program to ever rid a computer of this crap in one try, i did use other scan proggies like adaware and aboutbuster but all they do i show that you have a problem, so goto this site downloasd the english version and install and i hope it ends your problem as it did mine, also forum admin should mark this post high priority to fixing thousands of computers, it also gets rid of alot of other crap and spyware and trojans.


So goto http://www.free-av.com/ its for for Windows 98/Me and XP (XP&2000&NT)

Linux/OpenBSD/FreeBSD/Solaris, i belioeve this is a socalled german company but its the english version of the program


I used the program - AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic - all in one package




Date: (MM-DD-YYYY) 04-17-2005

Time: 06:59:56

File name: avwinsfx.exe

File size: 6,03 MByte


If this helped totally fix your computer please post back here and let us know

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