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      PLEASE READ - Reversing upgrade   02/23/2017

      We have found that this new upgrade is somewhat of a disaster.  We are finding lots of glitches in being able to post and administer the forum.  Additionally, there are new costs associated with the upgrade that we simply cannot afford.  As a result, we have decided to reverse course and go back to the previous version of our software.  Since this will involve restoring it from a backup, we will lose posts that have been added since January 30 or possibly even some before that.    If you started a topic during that time, we urge you to make backups of your posts and you will need to start the topics over again after the change.  You can simply paste the copies of your posts that you created at that point.    If you joined the forum this month, you will need to re-register since your membership will be lost along with the posts.  Since you have a concealed password, we cannot simply restore your membership for you.   We are going to backup as much as we can so that it will reduce inconvenience for our members.  Unfortunately we cannot back everything up since much will be incompatible with the old version of our software.  We apologize for the confusion and regret the need to do this even though it is not viable to continue with this version of the software.   We plan to begin the process tomorrow evening and, if it goes smoothly, we shouldn't be offline for very long.  However, since we have not done this before, we are not sure how smoothly it will go.  We ask your patience as we proceed.
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prevention of res://<random>.dll/<random>.html#<ra

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A friend of mine got infected... and it's been a pain getting rid of this bug. But the point of this topic is not to explain how to remove it but how to prevent getting infected by this specific bug.


I got one of the randomly named files off of my friends computer, and unpacked it. It's sneaky coz these guys used a hacked version of UPX to pack the files. By hacked I mean modified UPX packer that generates an executable that the valid UPX packer cannot unpack (the packed file's header is scrambled, preventing unpacking). A quick search online gives you tools to go beyond that hurdle.


Anyway, once the file was unpacked, I found a bunch of urls pointing to... exe, dll, dat and txt files. Yes, this means that there is a server of malware out there. Actually I've identified two.


These guys have surpassed the spyware/malware level on this one: they now use traditional trojan techniques. Indeed, one of the files pointed at is an update file. In other words, the malware has the possibility of updating itself...


I don't believe that the people owning the servers are aware of this, but have not checked with them. Anyway, these are the servers I identified:




So, if you haven't been infected yet, but want to be on the safe side, make sure you mark those two as restricted/untrusted sites. (IE: Tools/Internet Options/Security). It's not great, but it could prevent having that bug hijack you. Given last weeks russian attacks on IE, I think this is not the last we've seen of them. By the way, Microsoft's patch does not work. Check this: http://www.k-otik.com/news/IE02072004.php This link runs your machine's cmd.exe...


I'll continue analyzing the bug to find a more sophisticated way of preventing this malware from installing itself in the future. Til then, keep your guards up!

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  1. HijackThis ...
    • Double click on "My Computer" to open it.
    • Double click on the local "C-Drive" to open it.
    • Click on "File" => "New Folder" and name it HJT. i.e. The folder will be C:\HJT.
    • Please download HijackThis from any of the following locations:

[*]Install/Unzip it into C:\HJT.

[*]Only run HijackThis from C:\HJT\HijackThis.exe. That way we can ensure that we have the backup files available in the event that they are needed.

[*]Run HijackThis, click on scan and wait for the scan to finish.

[*]The "Scan" button will change to "Save Log", click on it and simply press "Save" on the window that will appear.

[*]Notepad will open with a copy of the log.

  • Click on "Edit" => "Select All".
  • Click on "Edit" => "Copy". This will copy the contents of the Notepad instance to the clipboard.

[*]Please post your entire log here for analysis.

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