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Each time virus comes back after a little a wile

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When I open browser IE6, instead my default page URL is About:blank


I run:1. Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition Version 8.1

2. Ad-aware 6.181

3. spybotsd13.exe

4. Hijackthis

4. AboutBuster.exe, Buster Version 1.23


Nothing helps. Browser still hijacked


What am I doing wrong?

1. I go to C:\WINNT\system32

2. Sort by Modified, to get virus Dll name.

Each time its create in this directory new xxx.Dll 30kb, but always new name.

3. Run Hijackthis. Delete this xxx.Dll

4. Delete all from C:\Documents and Settings\Gregory1\Local Settings\Temp

5. Run AboutBuster.exe, get message:

About:Buster Version 1.23

Attempted Clean Of Temp folder.

Pages Reset... Done!


6. Rebut my computer.


It fix the "default page of the browser bug" but after a little awhile its come back.



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I have the same problem and have tried the same fixes. No one has replied as to help yet. Good luck and if I get help i will let u know. If you get help let me know.

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