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BHODemon v2.0.010 now available

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Posted 05 July 2004 - 09:02 PM

Free New Version Available for BHODemon 2.0 Users!
There is a new version of BHODemon available: version is now ready for download. This is a free upgrade for all users of BHODemon 2.0. To download and install this new version, click the link below.


We strongly recommend that you install this new version into the same folder as your old version. Also, be sure to shutdown BHODemon before starting the installation!


Here's what's new in version (07/02/2004) (MD5: D4DE78311D6059D702ABB8A227A57042):

o Added a check that you have privileges to read and write to the Registry keys pertinent to BHOs. This generally requires administrator privileges.

o Fixed a bug that caused Windows NT4 users to get an error message about 'GetLongPathName' when trying to start BHODemon.

o The 'Tip of the Day' dialog box has a checkbox that allows you to enable or disable it at program startup. Previously, it was a 'push-like' button, which was confusing - it has been changed to be a standard checkbox.

o In the 'Details' dialog box, the BHO attribute named 'Enabled' has been changed slightly to 'Enabled?', to help prevent confusion. Also, if a BHO's file cannot be found on the disk, but it still has entries in the Registry, the 'Enabled?' attribute now says 'No - file is missing', instead of just 'No'.

o The MD5 value for the 'BHODemon20Steup.exe' file is now displayed in the http://www.definitiv...ODemon2PUD.html file. This MD5 value can be used to verify that the file you downloaded has not been tampered with by a malicious third-party.

o A bug in the 'Settings' dialog box that, for non-US users, incorrectly calcuated the amount of time since your last successful 'Check for Updates' has been fixed.

o Added a button to the 'Settings' dialog box for donations via PayPal. Send us your money!

o Added a disclaimer to the installation kit to the effect that BHODemon is not going to do anything evil to your PC.

o Added verbage to the mesage box that pops when you attempt to exit BHODemon that it's probably a better idea to leave it running.

o If BHODemon fails to connect to the internet, the message box that pops now lists some likely causes.

o Added some verbage to the Help File to reinforce the idea that a BHO can do anything to your PC that any other Windows program can do - it's not limited just to the browser.
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