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PC Hardware Update

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My computer is sluggish and I'm looking to speed it up a tad. I scanned for viruses and removed redundant anti-spyware/anti-virus programs (as you can see in my other forum post).


In order to speed up my system, I'm considering replacing one or both of my 1G Ram sticks with 2G ram sticks. Do you think that would be an efficient way of boosting my systems performance?


Here's my current set-up if it's not already obvious... Windows Vista x32 Home Premium Service Pack 2 (build:6002) AMD Athalon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor X2 with 2 Gbyte; NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE


Of late, I've only used this PC for surfing the net and watching 1080p videos on YouTube (My internet is 20mbps). Perhaps in the future I will game again, but in order to run games like D3 and SC2 etc. I think I'll need to replace this machine.


Thank you in advance!




Edit: Please read the Instructions and post the requested logs. We need the information in order to help you.

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I forgot to address this question in your other topic... Adding 1 Gig of RAM is unlikely to make a significant difference and even adding 2 Gigs won't be all that helpful... It is likely you would get some performance boost, but probably not as much as you might hope... If the RAM is fairly inexpensive for your computer and you are comfortable swapping it out yourself, I would say to go ahead with it...


Installing an SSD drive as your boot drive can give you a significant boost, particularly for startup, but it won't impact most programs and, unless you get a big SSD drive, you may need to run a lot of programs from a different drive... I have an 30 Gig SSD for my boot drive and it boots extremely quickly... I have many programs and almost all data stored on other conventional drives... I am planning to upgrade to a 240 Gig boot drive so that I don't need to worry so much about filling it up... Most SSD drives cost about a dollar a Gig, so they are not cheap...


There are a few other hardware upgrades you could do that might make a difference... If your CPU is not the top one for the mainboard, you could get some more speed by updating that... A video card with more power might help, but is likely to be pricey...


You can check at NewEgg for options - they usually have good prices and some of the best service online: http://www.newegg.com/Index.aspx

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I figured it wouldn't be as easy as just adding some RAM. Nothing's ever that easy is it lol?


I do feel comfortable switching out the memory though, so I think I will plan on doing that.


I had no idea SSDs existed so I'll definitely keep an eye out for some inexpensive options. I don't use a lot of space on my hard drive so the smaller space capacity isn't troublesome.



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