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123946.exe/ 123946.dlr

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 01:23 PM

I am new to the forum and found you via yahoo search to try and fix some problems I was having. This site was a HUGE help!! Thanks so much!!

My issues were as follows......

I was parusing the web last night and got directed to some porn sites (invasive pop-ups) you know the kind.

I activated my pop-up blocker and closed all windows group, IE locked up and I had to do a manual close through the Task Manager.

I reopened IE and began browsing again. I noticed a small window that kept poppig up that said "Running!!!!". I closed it and then about a 1/2hr later it would pop back up. I closed it again.

2hrs went by and then a window popped up "123946.dlr has encountered a problem and needs to close" I immediately recognized the ".dlr" and then closed the window. I then heard my modem dialing!!! I am on Cable so this wasn't right!!!

I reached over and unplugged my phone jack (which I keep attached for business purposes).

I then ran my Norton Prof. after uploading the live update. It found 7 viruses along with a trojan. All were either repaired or quarantined. I then ran Ad-Aware and went to bed.

I turned the monitor on and Ad-aware found 71 objects.

(Note: I run Norton and Ad-aware religiously once a week)

I opened IE and noticed my homepage was now going to this "here4search.com" I had been Hijacked!!

I did a search and it led me inexerably here.

I followed the info on this site to remove this nuesence. Then I went to tackling the 123946.exe.

I went into program files and found it's main directory which is C:\programfile\web viewer In this folder was five files. 123946.exe, 123946.dlr, another .dlr file, a .ddd file and Broderbund file. I tried deleting them all but it would not allow me to delete the 123946.exe or 123946.dlr file.

I did a search and all I could find for 123946.exe was in German or something, no good!!

I then went to msconfig, boot.ini, Safe mode and rebooted.

I could then delete all the files in the C:\programfile\web viewer and the folder itself. I also deleted all shortcuts to that folder on my desktop and under program files. I then went into regedit and looked for 123946.exe and .dlr. I removed all files associated with that folder. I also did a search for just 123946 and it came up with a bunch of Binary files. I was affraid to remove those due to not knowing what they were and fear of messing something up.

I restarted my computer and my homepage problem was fixed and I thought I had the 123946.exe licked also. Then I go into my program files from the start window and the ICON IS BACK!!! I go and look under program files and it is there AGAIN!!!!

What am I missing? I ran CWShredder and AD-aware and it doesn't help because this is a program file.

I could try removing it again in safe mode and then COMPLETELY cleaning out my temporary internet folder.

What should I do? Someone Please help!!!

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 02:44 PM

Can anyone help with this?

I went and manually deleted everything in my Temp Internet files and well as everything related to xxx, adult, etc and it still comes back!!


Some one pleeeeeeease help me bfore I :techsupport:

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