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What deos IMAGEHLP.dll do?

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I know this is a windows component file but what is its purpose, google just gives some pointless results about it so what is the purpose of it?


The reason is because of 2 things.


1 this .dll has seemed to be acting very buggy every since I was infected with about:blank spam bho, and 2 for some reason programs that use it seem to display the about:blank installer "You have spyware" pop ups in their ads (AIM and Overnet are the first ones that come to mind), and both these programs I know use these .dlls.


Now I'm not going to make any theoretical suggdestions here but activity like this has been displayed before when the coolwebs spam virus infected Windows Media Player's exe in one of its versions.


So I don't think it would be too far off to say that about:blank might have infected IMAGEHLP.dll to display its pop-up spam in exe's that display internet explorer windows in them, ofcourse using very very poor coding which makes it unstable no doubt.


Also for some reason even in safe mode you can't delete the .dll similarly do the normal about:blank .dll install, though this is just speculation as of now.

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