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SheildsUp and Leak Test

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I came across ShieldsUp recently.


I write to ask if anyone can advise is SheildsUp a genuine "Peoples Interest" test or is the test

more about Software Development testing on the part of whoever ?


The same goes for Leak Test

In the FAQ it was pointed out that some Software did not reveal Test Leak as malware when ideally it should have.

The explanatory link is broken, which supposedly Quotes Vendor Text confirming it to "Safe"


I can appreciate that Steve Gibson might be an expert in all these security issues and may be acting in "peoples" best interests. Although at the same time may be just using Social Engineering to obtain whatever information he can from testing his external environment.


If Steve Gibson's intensions are genuine.



Sheilds Up




Leak Test



I notice also the FAQ goes back to 2001 !

What's happened since?



The site does contain a wealth of interesting tests, information and explanations.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Edited by WhaleBat

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ShieldsUP! is an excellent site for testing your security. If the ShieldsUP! test show that you have open ports, you are vulnerable. If it shows ports as closed, that means your system can be detected, and if it can be detected, there is the potential that it can be attacked. The different tests have different replies, but if you systems shows as not detected, or no ports visible, than you are fine. It's an excellent test, and I used it to confirm the setup of my hardware firewall, whose default setup had left one port open for remote access, which I promptly closed.


If the leaketest shows that the utility can communicate out without being blocked by your firewall, or blocked until you decide to allow it or not allow it access to the Internet, then your firewall is not configured properly to block unknown/unauthorized applications, or you may have one that doesn't look at outgoing traffic, such as the Windows XP firewall.


I notice also the FAQ goes back to 2001 !

What's happened since?


More ways to attack a vulnerable system. That's why it's important to have ports blocked, and a firewall that blocks unauthorized applications from going out. After all, would you want a trojan to send your personal information, such as credit card number of passwords out to an unknown site? That's the primary objective of much of today's malware, stealing information. That's the type of activity that a properly configured firewall can block, even if your antivirus was unable to identify the malware.

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Thanks for your feedback.

It does make much sense to test from the outside.

That's what attracted me to the site when I cam upon it by chance.

Pity I didn't know about it sooner.


As Steve Gibson comments on the SheildsUp site:

Any time a change is made to your system apply his tests to ensure a vulnerability hasn't been introduced.

It sounds like good advise.


Thanks again for posting.

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I notice on the Firewall Page, he suggests that ZoneAlarm to be a good Firewall.




Personally, I used it for a long time and the Free version was just fine.

I then purchased the Full version ( 3-4 years ago) which was in my opinion, was bloated and for some reason

caused the system to go slow. Uninstalling resolved the issue,.


I thought I'd try it again, as it was mentioned on the grc web page ( to see if the issues were in my imagination), no they were'nt !


When I went to uninstall it..... there was no uninstall listing in Programs and Features or via the Start menu (Windows 7).


Looking on the ZoneAlarm website for uninstall advise was fruitless.

Eventually I came across a Zone Alarm uninstall utility "clean.exe" on the internet.

I ran it an was surprised to find it quickly removed ZoneAlarm from my PC.


ZoneAlarm Uninstall Utility - clean.exe



All seems to be fine since uninstalling !


Can anyone shed some light on what they consider currently as reliable trouble free Firewall software ?


Thanks In Advance.

Edited by WhaleBat

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What a very helpful site! I tested out my connection to see if my firewall would block it and it did! :thumbup:


Thanks for the website and the Firewall suggestions. :)

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Keep in mind with shields up, if you are behind a router, it will scan the router and not your software firewall. Many people have been confused by the results because of.

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