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harddisk makes much noise

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I have a very irritating problem. My harddisk seems te be working (makes always hard noises) all the time. Even when all programs are shut down (via msconfig).

Nothinh helps. I have tried all (I think).


motherboard: ASUS A7N8NX Deluxe/Gold

processor: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Skt A

cooler: Coolermaster AMD Skt A / FCPGA

harddisk: Maxtor 120 GB 1200 rpm, 8 MB cache

memory: 2 x corsair 256 MB DDR 400 32MX64

video: ASUS V9520 Magic T / 128 Mb

Apacer Int. Card Reader USB2.0

Pioneer DVD brander DVR-106 OEM

Mycom H600M P4/AMD ATX, 350 W


broadband via family zonnet (Versatel). Not to be connect doet not help


Mcafee virusscan 7.02.6000 (shutting down does not help)In 9 months there are scanned over 160 miljon objects!!


I don't see a solution. Maybe someone can help me.


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Have you tried defragmenting the hard drive? Mine is noticably louder when it's fragmented.

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