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Accidently deleted the wrong thing from registry

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Can you install from microsoft website?


HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Toolbar


If not how do I restore my registry from the backup.



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Depends on your version of windows. If you're using ME or XP, you can probably do a system restore. If you're using 98 (and maybe 2000), you could try scanreg /restore and pick a back up. (or maybe that's scanregw?)

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Hello :wave:


I don,t know what kind of system you have, I do know that your

System Registry is best kept alone, just for the reason you stated,

but if you have Win XP all is not lost, follow these simple steps.


Step1: Click (Start) on the bottom left corner.

Step2: Click (All Programs).

Step3: On the top left of the (All Programs) screen you should see Windows Update, Click it and it will take you to their Update Site, Download the Reccomended Installs.

Step4: Take time to read the file below and then Post back to your Topic to let us know if this helped.


Thank You (Helper Trainee S.W.I.)


Hello and Welcome to S.W.I.

I would like to make a suggestion for you that will make your Post a little easier for all of us at (S.W.I.). This will enable us to a give you a better answer and response to your question’s.

Here is a link to a program called HijackThis also known as (HJT), from here on out we will refer to this as HJT, please download HJT from this URL:

http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html .

When you Download HJT, Save it to your C: Drive or whatever letter your Hard drive letter is, To: (C: Program Files/New Folder) name the New Folder (HJT) or something similar to that so you can find it easier, this is where your Log Files for HJT will be kept. Now Install HJT.

How to get a Log File after you Install HJT:

Open HJT, the Splash Screen will open, then Click Scan,

At this time Do Not Click Fix , after the Scan you will see the Save Log Button were the Scan Button was, Click Save Log and then save it to your HJT File in

C:Programs / HJT Folder.

Then when you Post your question to S.W.I. post your HJT Log File from your

HJT Folder.

From there we can begin the process of helping you.

And remember to update HJT as they become available on the Web.

Thank you very much. (Helper Trainee @ S.W.I.) :D

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