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lochjournal program causing pop-up problems

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I recently downloaded lochjournal, a program recommended on the livejournal site, meant to be able to post on livejournal without a web browser... anyway, since I downloaded it I seem to be getting excessive pop-ups. my google pop-up thingy doesn't stop it. I ran AdAware, Norton, Stinger, SpyBot, and some free online Panda computer scan, but nothing helped. help.


ok, I read the article on preventing browser hijackings, I don't know if that's my problem. But I did change my internet options security settings, as well as downloaded, umm... lessee... "browser hijack blaster," "ie-spyad," and something else "blaster" or something that has two b's. I wasn't sure if I wanted to change browsers, that seemed too complicated for now. However, I tried but I couldn't figure out how to replace Microsoft Java VM with Sun Java - I went to the Java website but it wasn't obvious to me. I'm dumb!!! help me.

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