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Hi, I've had a quick read round and I'm gonna try all the suggested downloads tommorrow night when I have some spare time.


My main problem is that I've read spyware can detect passwords and gain credit card details, which is really worrying me.


As I have the same password for virtually everything except my email account, I'm scared to log into anything, incase someone gets my password.


I would really appreciate it, if anyone who knows alot about it, could tell me whether the spyware windows is telling me I have is only minor, or very dangerous.


Over the last few days I have been told I have been infected with spyware called:











Also I have been looking to buy an antivirus/firewall package. Do firewall's eliminate spyware, or only detect it? And what do you think is the best antivirus/firewall package?


Many Thanks!


Paul :D

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have useful information about spyware, etc.

It is wise to have a seperate password for your important online activity

(online banking, etc.) Although, not all spyware is capable of password stealing--only certain ones.

You need a good anti-virus software as well as spyware/adware removal

(Adware is advertising supported software that can be downloaded free from the web, but contains banner advertisements that create revenue for the company. Adware will usually, like Spyware, install components on your computer that will send marketing information whenever you're online. Unlike Spyware, Adware contains a disclosure telling you that they will be using your information.

My personal recommendations are as follows: (You should research them and get other's opinions also.)


AVG 6.0 has a free edition anti-virus program available at


Norton and Mcafee have some good programs also. (You may have

access to one of these already if you have an Applications CD that came with your computer.)

Several FREE scanning options are available online when you need a little extra help

Mcafee offers a free scan and a virus removal tool called Stinger

Also, I like these free scans:






For spyware/adware removal,


Spybot Search and Destroy:



Adaware 6.0:



Spysweeper by Webroot is also a very good tool to remove spyware plus, it has a cookie

shield to block bad cookies as you surf and a homepage shield.

Here is another site where you will find useful tools and info:


I hope this helps you.

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