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Problem with .reg file...

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Greetings... almost all my .exe files have problems, I posted about this in this topic: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp/1089763298


Anyway, a person did reply and told me to download a .reg file that will fix the problem. I downloaded the .reg file and clicked on it, but got a error message: "editing of the register has been inactivated by the administrator" (I'm not sure if that is exacly what the english verson of WinXP says, but it should be something similar. I use the Swedish verson of XP).

Almost nothing in my control panel work either. So my only chance to fix this is by getting that .reg file to function. How? Is there any other way to get the .reg file to work, other than just clicking on it?


Any respond would be extremely apprecaited.


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Read this and make sure you understand before attempting any thing incorrect usage or editing of Registry may render your computer inoperable


Make a copy of regedit.exe to your desktop and rename it to


Run it

If it is a problem of file associations then regedit must run with this extension without problem


if it runs then you can navigate to this key




Here is how you navigate there

1)If it shows mycomputer click the + sign in front of it


click + sign in front of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT


2)press the letter without quotes "e"

3)scroll down till you reach exefile

4)click the + sign in front of exefile

5)click the +sign in front of shell

6)click the +sign in front of open

7)click the open folder


and check if the value is as below


"\"%1\" %*"


Are you an Administrator on your machine ???

You can also check if registry editing has been disabled


but reply to above before I type further

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Ok, please continue, what shall I do next?

Huge thanks for the kind respond.

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Oh wow! I renamed it to .com and then imported the .reg file, and it worked! Man, I'm so greatfull! Thanx a lot buddy!

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Good to know that the reg file got imported

are all the other problems solved

You were complaing about exe files not opening

You were complaining about registry editing being disabled

are all these problems solved now

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