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Active Desktop Warning/Errors Galore

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Hi, Anybody heard of this.......?

My computer (XP) has been displaying an "Active Desktop"

error message I've not seen before---"Active Desktop

has encountered a problem and must close." Then, my

background disappears.

Also, I've been getting numerous Microsoft and Windows

Explorer errors about an encountered problem and having to

close. I'm not talking about once or twice; it's happening

a lot....one error after another. When I'm just going

through various files in my computer (not online) pages freeze

and are difficult to end. (my search results page; for example.

Start/Search) I think my dll cache may have been damaged...

not sure. :oops:

I'm virus/spyware/adware free.

Any suggestions? Becca

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Here's what I beleive you need to do:


(1) If a desktop component was added to the active desktop, it may not be working properly. Internet Explorer disables the active desktop so you can remove the new component without the possibility of your computer crashing.


(2) Click Start, settings, select active desktop, and select customize my desktop. Clear the check box to the left of the new active desktop component. If necessary, select the view my active desktop as a web page, check box, then click okay.


Hopefully this will be the answer to your prayers...Keep us posted

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Hi, Thanks for the input.

I've done these steps;

Funny thing is-- I have no new desktop components, and I don't have

a web page set as my background. But, the other day, I did click on a cool picture I found and I

set it as my desktop background. (I have since removed it....maybe,

that will do the trick....we'll see, I guess.)

I have rebooted several times. This is definitely strange.

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