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The &039;F&039; Bomber

Win Favorites

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Hello, long-time reader, first time poster.


I use IE6 and Firefox equally, and I keep up to date with Ad Aware & Spybot scans and updates. I scan Spybot once a week, and Ad Aware twice (or more). I do not have Hi Jack this because I've never had an extreme situation that warranted using it.


The past few times I have been getting some files called Win Favorites coming up on my Ad Aware results, and each time I delete them. As usual, they keep coming back. All are usually "low risk" but occasionally 1 comes up that is High Risk. Under the description is says "systray."


Is this something I manually trigger by going to my Favorites folder daily? How can I erase this pesky thing for good, and should I really be worried when I see this?


Here is a list of what today's Ad Aware detected:




obj[0]=RegKey : Bridge.brdg

obj[1]=RegKey : Bridge.brdg.1

obj[2]=RegKey : CLSID\{80bb7465-a638-43b5-9827-8e8fe38dfcc1}

obj[3]=RegKey : CLSID\{9C691A33-7DDA-4C2F-BE4C-C176083F35CF}

obj[4]=RegKey : jao.jao

obj[5]=RegKey : jao.jao.1

obj[6]=RegKey : TYPELIB\{c094876d-1b0e-46fa-b6a6-7ffc0f970c27}

obj[7]=RegKey : TypeLib\{DDAF2479-6F00-4599-998A-3ED75686C6D0}

obj[8]=RegValue : Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

obj[9]=File : c:\windows\system\a.exe

obj[10]=RegKey : SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{9C691A33-7DDA-4C2F-BE4C-C176083F35CF}

obj[11]=File : c:\windows\system\hamed.exe

obj[12]=File : c:\windows\system\jao.dll

obj[13]=File : c:\windows\system\bridge.dll

obj[14]=RegKey : Interface\{4FDBDBAD-FEFE-4C4C-9CC1-1181052AFB12}

obj[15]=RegKey : Interface\{B88A3AF1-4F1B-4400-8FFB-3FCB108CE115}

obj[16]=RegKey : SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\bridge


Please help, thanks! :)

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