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Move Me! Search Engine Tips & Tricks

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Posted 16 May 2004 - 09:58 AM

Here's ONE tip that I hope inspires others to add their special shortcuts, tricks, and bits of experienced insight into Rapid, Effective, and Exhaustive searching for needed information. PLEASE! I'm not interested in compliments, skip em. I stole it.

cred to SomeUser for a bad paste in SWI chat, got me to do this.

Tip!! : Finding that diamond in the rough.

Here is a search tip that extends beyond the initial google search to when you get to an actual web page/log. It involves the highlight function of the google toolbar.

You highlight, copy and paste a suspicious clsid # and gets no hits on your BHOlist.

On to a google search. You lock onto a hit that looks promising that links you to a SWI log.

Once you get the log in your face, you canít remember the number you searched for. Who can?

Wait, the info is still sitting in your clipboard. Right click on the Google Toolbar search box and paste the clsid # into it.

DO NOT HIT ENTER or you will get a google search. Instead, slide over and activate the highlighter button.

Presto. Found. You MAY wish to bookmark the relevant log. Do it NOW if so. :blink:

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