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I am working on our GM's laptop and I had to remove the Appinit_dlls file from the registry to remove some spyware about 2 weeks ago "as per instructions on this board".


The exact location is: My Computer\Hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\windows


Every time I delete the appinit_dlls and reboot the pc there is another entry pointing to a randomly generated ".dll" filename in the windows\system32 folder. Of course the file can't be deleted and if I delete it in safe mode it just returns upon rebooting into normal mode.


I have ran spybot, ad aware, symantec antivirus corporate v9.0 "also detects spyware files but not registry entries", cwshredder, and hijack this. Hijack this found some bogus looking entries that I removed but the problem still hasn't gone away. The computer is a 2.6p4 with 512meg and it feels like I'm working on a 486dx4 100 w/winxp, as you can imagine its quite slow. No running processes are using much cpu time either, its usually running 90\99 percent idle, somehow it must be hiding its resource usage from windows.


Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how the appinit_dlls keeps re-creating itself?

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