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Jared Thaler


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I recently had the joy of recovering a client's computer from the combination of viral infection and spyware.


While doing so I encountered what appears to have been their previous attempt at network security, a program by the name of (I believe) SurfSecure.


As far as I can tell from the option menus, this thing is intended mainly to prevent your boss from discovering all the naughty pictures you left lying around your browser Cache. (Unfortunately, judging from the menus, it only recognises Internet explorer and Netscape as far as browsers go.) It also claims to hide your IP address.


It also claims to be able to mascarade as sbrowse.exe in the process list (presumably so that your IT department won't notice it. Possibly rather counter productive since searches on sbrowse.exe turn up references to key loggers. Also rather pointless on a home computer.)


Now what I want to know is:


1. Has anyone out there heard of this thing?


2. Is it actualy legitimate, or is it scamware (the searches I made earlier seem to link it with evidence eliminator which does not exatly fill me with confidence.)


3. Is there any chance in hell that this thing is remotely useful, or can I (in good conscience) tell my client to dump it.


4. Can someone out there recomend a link I can give my client to show her husband, who was apparently the person previously charged with maintaining system security, why SurfSecure in combination with an antivirus whose definitions are 6 years out of date, is not an effective security strategy?


In the (quite possible) case that I am entirely daft, and have either missed prior references to this program in the forum, or am completely in the wrong and this is a great program, please be so courteous as to direct my attention to my error in a courteous fashion. :whistle:

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