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Posted 21 July 2004 - 06:38 AM

Do Spyware programs like SpyBot 1.3 , WebRoot’s Spysweeper 3.0 and Lavasoft Adaware 6.1 remove or delete programs in a different manner than an antivirus program like AVG does? Here was my problem and the reason I am asking. I have two machines, and one uses Spybot’s Teatime on XP Home which continually monitors for Spyware activity and the other uses Webroot Spysweeper 3.0 XP Pro. In all cases they have both worked flawlessly until recently. I was infected with numerous Spyware programs on both machines, so I ran the two programs and they found and eliminated the problem…whoops, I am wrong. Upon rebooting both PCs the problem was still there. So I used Webroot on the machine that was running Spybot and visa versa for the other machine. Same thing, both stated total elimination, but upon reboot the problems were still there. I then tried Ad Adware, and the same thing reoccurred. So then I tried using Bazooka, which doesn’t remove anything but tells you how to manually remove and so I did, and still no luck. This included deleting the prefetch directory, deleted all temp files, internet temp; Rrun and Run Once in the registry; and lastly the all previous Restore files and still the infections were immediately recreated upon boot. So out of desperation, I ran my antivirus program, AVG on the XP Home and Anti Vir on the other and voila success, all spyware infections are gone along with viral activities. In all cases I am referring to the standard spyware programs like Second Thought, Bridge, numerous tool bars etc… So hence my question, do antivirus programs work on a different level than spyware programs?



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Posted 21 July 2004 - 10:48 AM

Not a different level, but different targets. Ad-Aware and Spybot SD target spyware - things that send out info about you. They also will detect a few viruses and trojans, but that is not their primary mission.

Antivirus programs target viruses, but do also detect some trojans, and lately some spyware. They don't usually get very far with the trickier trojans.

Antitrojans detect and remove trojans.

Each of these require frequent updates to keep up with the new malware. This is a huge amount of work and that's why they tend to specialize.
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