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IE-SPYAD & AGNIS Lists Updated (Jul. 24)

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Hi All:


All of my block lists have been updated, including:


* IE-SPYAD (Internet Explorer Restricted sites list)

* AGNIS (for AtGuard/NIS/NPF)

* AGNIS for Outpost

* AGNIS for AdShield


You can download all of these new versions at:




Included with IE-SPYAD is an uninstaller (IE-ADS-UNINST.REG) for the *previous* and *current* versions of IE-SPYAD. IE-SPYAD also includes a batch file installation utility (INSTALL.BAT) that can be used to install and uninstall IE-SPYAD.


The original AGNIS block lists are compatible with AtGuard 3.x and ALL versions of Norton Internet Security as well as Norton Personal Firewall 2003 and 2004. There are separate versions of AGNIS for users of Agnitum Outpost and AdShield.


If you're running NIS 2002 Pro, NIS 2003, NIS 2003 Pro, NIS 2004, NIS 2004 Pro, NPF 2003, or NPF 2004, you CAN use the AGNIS block lists, however, you must use the ProWAGoN block list utility written by Christian Haagensen to load, remove, and backup ad block lists from NIS. Do NOT attempt to install AGNIS block lists in any of these versions of NIS or NPF by manually merging .REG files or using the AGNIS.BAT batch file utility included with AGNIS. Use the ProWAGoN utility instead. You can download ProWAGoN here:




A summary of what's new, updated, and changed in IE-SPYAD and AGNIS can be found here:




If you have any questions or comments about IE-SPYAD, AGNIS, AGNIS for Outpost, or AGNIS for AdShield, please don't hesitate to let me know.




Eric L. Howes

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