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Code Red

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I recently had AVG find code Red on my machine and it put it in the vault but everytime I run AVG it keeps finding it. Now should I worry or try to track it down and remove it.(AVG file server version) Win 2k server with IIS running,sygate personal firewall.





just an upadate!

just an update on my suituation.I ran NAV code red remover,and spyhunter,trojanremover,cwshredder,ran a scan with pccillen,panda,hijack this,fixcodered,retinacodered,and none off them find anything,but soon as I run AVG presto its there.Do you think I should keep trying or move on????




system restore, believe it or not just set up(format) PC went on internet without firewall to get updates (MS) and download firewall.Just my luck got virus quickly IIS. (and they say don't be paranoid LOL ).So I guess I have no restore point to go to.


( microworld scanner)well add that one to the list also it found nothing.Now how can all this companies find nothing and only AVG sees Code Red.(hope I didn't wast my money) Something is not right here.

Anymore advise on this will be greatly appreciated.



"long days and nights"



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I wouldn't recommend Spyhunter. It's known as a bad program.


I would recommend you:


  • Ad Aware >> keep it up to date!
  • Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Spysweeper
  • SpywareBlaster (preventing)
  • SpywareGuard (also preventing)

Anti-Virus: (USE ONLY 1!)

  • Kaspersky AV
  • NOD 32


  • TrojanHunter
  • The Cleaner

Firewalls: (USE ONLY 1!)

  • Kerio
  • Sygate

Links can be found below.

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