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The above web address has taken over my homepage and I cannot remove it. The problem also prevents me accessing certain web pages including some of the links suggested on this site. I am not experienced in these matters and would appreciate any help. Frustration does not adequately describe my feelings. Thank you.

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  1. Please download About:Buster from any of the following locations:

[*]Boot into safe mode. How do I boot into "Safe" mode?

[*]Unzip the downloaded about:buster program to your desktop.

[*]Double click it and hit "Ok".

[*]Click "Start".

[*]Select "Ok" to start the scan.

[*]The scan should take a few seconds.

[*]Once it is done save the report.

[*]Reboot and sign in as you normally do and repeat the procedure for running about:buster.

[*]Post the results of the report and a fresh HijackThis log for review.

For HijackThis, hopefully it will download okay after rebooting:

  • Double click on "My Computer" to open it.
  • Double click on the local "C-Drive" to open it.
  • Click on "File" => "New Folder" and name it HJT. i.e. The folder will be C:\HJT.
  • Please download HijackThis from any of the following locations:

    [*]Install/Unzip it into C:\HJT.

    [*]Only run HijackThis from C:\HJT\HijackThis.exe. That way we can ensure that we have the backup files available in the event that they are needed.

    [*]Run HijackThis, click on scan and wait for the scan to finish.

    [*]The "Scan" button will change to "Save Log", click on it and simply press "Save" on the window that will appear.

    [*]Notepad will open with a copy of the log.

    • Click on "Edit" => "Select All".
    • Click on "Edit" => "Copy". This will copy the contents of the Notepad instance to the clipboard.

    [*]Please post your entire log here for analysis.

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i have run ad-aware having also downloaded vx2 cleaner. the log saved is as follows :-


Lavasoft Ad-aware Personal Build 6.181

Logfile created on :05 August 2004 20:43:34

Created with Ad-aware Personal, free for private use.

Using reference-file :01R298 20.04.2004




PGPhantom - Edited (8/5/2004 @ 1:20 p.m. PST) to remove adaware logs not requested.

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