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Forum "Newbies" Guide For "Smilies"

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#1 Robin Hickman

Robin Hickman

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 12:53 AM

Hello, Everybody !! :wave:

I'm a "Newbie" :gack: trying to help other "Newbies" :gack: figure out how to use "Smilies" in these Forums.

"Newbies" helping "Newbies" ?? :rofl:

Yeah, I know....

Anyway, the subject came up in another forum on this site. So I thought I would try to "Copy and Paste" my "reply" from there to here.


{ NOTE : The "Copy / Paste" method worked only for the TEXT part of the reply. The "Smilies" in the reply did not show up in the "Preview" of this entry on this page. So I had to re-insert them here. The "Quote" function that worked on the entry that I copied, does not seem to have made it over to here. Although the word "QUOTE" did show up at the beginning of the quote. }

Anyway, I hope this post will be of use to somebody, somehow, sometime !!

Robin Hickman :wave:

PS. When I posted this, I was told that I had used too many Emoticons (Smilies) and would I please remove some of them. So, I removed 4 or 5 of them. Sorry about that. Hey, how was I supposed to know ???


So..... you seem to be having "problems" with "Smilies". :alarm:

OK, but just remember, I'm NO expert, even with something as seemingly simple as "smilies" !! :whistle:

The best place to "practice" using "smilies", or any other function of these forums, is in the "Test" forum. You can find the link to the "Test" forum at the very bottom of the listings on the Forum Main Page. It is the last forum listed. :ph34r:

:deal: { NOTE : To the more experienced Forum Dwellers, this entry doesn't have anything to do with subject "Problem" listed for this thread. Please bear with me as I am just a "Newbie" who is trying to help another "Newbie". :gack: }

When writing a reply in a thread, on the left-side of the page is the "Clickable Smilies" panel. Usually, you can click on one of those Smilies and its "code" will appear wherever your cursor was last on the page. The "code" for each smilie is a word tucked inside a pair of colon punctuation marks ( : ), with NO spaces between the colons or letters.

For example, to make the "Wave" smilie, you would click on the "Wave" smilie and " : ", "wave", and " : " (without the quote marks or spaces) would appear wherever you cursor was last on the page. When you "Preview" your reply, the smilies that you used should show up where you put their "codes". :wave:

"CODES" ?? :scratchhead:

The "codes" for the smilies can be found next to their corresponding smilies listed on the Smilies "Pop-Up" page. The link to the "Pop-Up" page can be found at the bottom of the "Clickable Smilies" column on the left-side of the "reply" page you get sent to when you want to write a reply to a thread. :hmmm:

BTW : A quick method for inserting a Smilie, is to type in the "code" for that Smilie exactly as it is written, BUT without the "underline". As you can probably guess (since I use it so often), I usually just type in " : wave : " (but without the quotes or spaces) whenever I want to insert a "Wave" Smilie. :wave:

Sometimes, and I'm not quite sure why, you click on a smilie and its "code" doesn't appear on the page where you think it's supposed to. It usually ends up in the bottom left-hand corner of reply page that you're working on. In other words, it appears at the very end of the document. All you have to do then is "cut/paste" it where you want it. I'm not sure, but I think the "problem" occurs when you move the cursor off of the page that you're working on and the program "loses" its place. So it puts the "code" at the end of the page by default. (but don't quote me on that) :rolleyes: In fact I just had it happen with the "roll eyes" smilie.

Anyways, I hope that helps you. the best place to try it out and practice is over in the "Test" forum. It's also a good place to practice other "reply" functions such as the "Quote" function.

On the lighter of my problems, you mentioned using the Smilies and you seem to be able to use them at will. I have tried but l I can't seem to accomplish ramdomly placing them. I'm a slow learner I guess, can you give me a clue. I've clicked on the smilies but all I seem to place are words like :techsupport or :hmmm, etc. I beginning to think my computer doesn't like me anymore.

If you would would like to know how I learned all of this "stuff", it was on the "Test Forum" over at "Net-Integration.Net", home of the "SpyBot Search & Destroy" Forums.

In fact, if you want a good laugh or two, go check out my "Test" entries over there. Evidently a LOT of people over there seem to find it somewhat amusing, as it is, by far, the most read thread in their "Test" forum !!

Gotta Go for now. Good Luck with the "new" error. I hope a simple and effective solution is soon found.

Robin Hickman :wave:

PS. Both this site and the Net-Integration site use the same software for their forums. Unfortunately, neither Forum has a "TUTORIAL" on how to use it. :weep:

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REMEMBER : The ONLY Good MalWare, Is DEAD MalWare

#2 Robin Hickman

Robin Hickman

    Just Another Old-time Newbie.....

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 01:15 AM

Hello, again, Everybody !! :wave:

Just a "quick" follow-up on the "Forum Newbies Guide to Smilies". :bounce:

Apparently, the more Smilies on a page means the s-l-o-w-e-r it loads. :techsupport:

While that may not seem like much to people using DSL or Cable for their internet connection, for people who use "Dial-Up" (like me) it makes a BIG difference. :boing:

:deal: So, I guess the lesson is: It's the QUALITY of the the Smilies that counts, NOT the Quantity !!

So, use your "Smilies" wisely !! :alarm:

Gotta Go !! :worm:

Robin Hickman :wave:
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#3 cnm


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Posted 29 July 2004 - 09:05 AM

PS. Both this site and the Net-Integration site use the same software for their forums. Unfortunately, neither Forum has a "TUTORIAL" on how to use it. :weep:

When you write a post, there is a frame full of Clickable Smilies on the left.
Below it is a clickable link to the quite complete BB Code Help.

The buttons above the editing box add the tags around selected text, but only in IE.

Firefox users should get the BBCode extension, otherwise the tags may have to be entered manually.

Try out your formatting in the Test forum
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