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I'm wondering about getting a domain, and offering it as a mirror for SWI &

some of the program downloads, making it avaib for updates for

www.safer-networking.org and such. Had many problems with servers

being DoS'd and not able to get updates, and wonder if throwing another

ISP into the shark pool would help?

Feedback appreciated, and info on what to ask a prospective hosting service:

I anticipate hosting only about 5MB of data, at a host with :

Unlimited Data Transfer

Unlimited Hits

Unlimited FTP Access

wonder what I'd have to do to really lock it down to hack-proof it, and what

hostservice would have to do to save themselves in anticipation of being DoS'ed

into oblivion.


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I appreciate it, but this is a very nasty attack. Any server not behind a firewall specifically designed for DDoS attacks and at least 4 proxy servers dies within a few minutes. I'm even having problems with the 4 proxies at the moment.

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This is getting worse and worse. Just shows that the spyware makers (CWS) can't take their hijacks being removed.


I never knew it took 4 proxies :O. That is shocking. How many computers/servers are behind the attacks? Must be a good few. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the proxies, hope it improves, I read about it in the Newsletter.


I've mirrored Hijack This, CWShredder and the other tools at my site and I get a good few downloads a day (about 150 of Hijack This) and its only a smallish site. Just shows the popularity.

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