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The biggest spammer on the Net? Comcast?

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Posted 25 May 2004 - 05:27 PM


- http://zdnet.com.com...l?tag=printthis
May 24, 2004
"Comcast's high-speed Internet subscribers have long been rumored to be an unusually persistent source of junk e-mail. Now someone from Comcast is confirming it. "We're the biggest spammer on the Internet," network engineer Sean Lutner said at a meeting of an antispam working group in Washington, D.C., last week. Lutner said Comcast users send out about 800 million messages a day, but a mere 100 million flow through the company's official servers. Almost all of the remaining 700 million represent spam erupting from so-called zombie computers--a breathtaking figure that adds up to six or seven spam-o-grams for each American family every day...Overall, Comcast is the single biggest source of all types of e-mail, with a higher volume than the next two, Time Warner's Road Runner and Yahoo, combined..."

('Really should read the whole article, which has some suggestions for solving the problem, too...And Mike, I know you're in here somewhere - I read your newsletter on the subject of Comcast - http://www.spywarein...11,2004#comcast )
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