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Who holds the record for most spy/malware

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Posted 27 May 2004 - 07:46 PM

Hi all.
I've been having a bad spyware week. Most of the computers I deal with are loaded with the little critters. Until yesterday my personal record was 601 as reported by Adaware. My new record is ****1681****!! The log is 296 pages long.
I'm flabbergasted. Is this normal?? This machine is a P4/2G Compaq 6000. It can't be that old. After I ran Adaware that useless guard dog MacAfee woke up, started running and found 26 viruses and Trojans.
The machine belongs to my cousin. Beyond the scumware problem the box itself was filthy. Every air vent and all the components were clogged with brown, sticky, gross smelling, dust, the consistency of foul dryer lint. I half expected to find a pet door on it.
I played around with it for 2 nights flushing and uninstalling. I eventually made it unbootable. Like the idiot I am I then "Restored" it and tried again. But it occurred that I was wasting my time when I came across his 4 line resume written in Notepad with 6 misspelllings. I'm reloading Windows now. The spawn of Satan machine is 10 feet away, near an exhaust fan, and it still stinks.
The owner's dead father was a gem and a gentleman of the first order and I owe it to him to fix this thing for his son. But mannnnnnnnnn this is one crapped up machine. You can choose your computers but not your relatives. Ain't it so?


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