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Interesting Malware Toolbar

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Posted 31 May 2004 - 12:12 PM

I thought I would share this.

I've been working on a friend's computer which had numerous problems, including spyware, virus's and regular errors. His system wouldn't boot and we decided to reformat to make it like new again (which he was very enthusiatic about - maybe to erase all evidence of his porn collection?). I hooked up his drive to my system to get his files off. I did a virus scan, and got rid of Blaster. Then while browsing the Program Files directory, I came across some items with names that bothered me, so I deleted the folders, knowing they containted nothing useful.

A brief moment later, Spybot S&D 1.3 informed me that a toolbar was trying to add itself to my computer. All I had done was looked at and then deleted the files.

Strange, eh? I have never seen this before, a toolbar that can activate it's installation merely be looking at the files. I took screenshots of the Spybot warning and the list of files and folders which were removed.

I can't say for sure that the deleted files contained the culprit, but they are the most likely to have caused this. If it wasn't the deleted files, then that means that some of the files on the drive which were NOT viewed were the cuplrits, which seems even more far fetched to me.

After backing-up his Word docs and then removing the drive, I have had no further alerts, and my system is just as clean as ever. I am a computer tech, by the way, and spend a great deal of time cleaning parasites off other people's computers, so mine is squeaky clean, ruling out the possibility that the Spybot alert orginated from nasty files on my hard drive.

I had deleted 3 folders in only about 2 seconds, and the S&D alerts take a moment to pop-up, so I'm not sure which folder it was, but am assuming the Advanced Searchbar, or maybe even Autoupdate. The screenshots are attached in a .zip file.

Again, I just thought I would share this with everyone since someone might find it interesting or maybe even find it useful in some way.

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