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Spyware stops access to SWI Site!

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#1 Jayhack



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Posted 01 June 2004 - 08:20 AM

My home computer has been infected by spyware that automatically causes Internet Explorer to use Isearch as my home page. If I change the home page, Isearch just changes it back. And to make things worse, it blocks the anti-spyware sites so I can't get software to remove it. I can only get to this site through my computer in my office, which is not infected. Anyone ever see this problem before? any ideas on how to get rid of it?

I am a lawyer and I am seriously considering starting a lawsuit - but not just against the spyware companies. I want to sue the deep pockets that hire the spyware companies to post their popups. If, for example, Ford or GM or Toyota has an add on TV that is fraudulent, then they are liable, not the advertising agency that placed the ad. So why isn't the national company that hires the agency that hires the spyware company directly liable for F$@%king up my computer?

#2 VashonDude


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 09:21 AM

Sounds like you got a CoolWebSearch hijack.

If you can, download HijackThis and CWShredder onto a floppy (or other removable media) from your work computer.

On the infected computer, create a new folder/directory called C:\HJT and copy HijackThis to it.

When you try to go to the anti-spyware web sites from the infected computer, does it redirect you to another site or does it display the "This page cannot be displayed" message?

Once you've done all this, run HijackThis and post the log here.

-- LB
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#3 Mike


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Posted 03 June 2004 - 04:19 AM

JayHack, send me an email please. I'd like to talk to you about something.
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#4 defensehawk



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Posted 13 June 2004 - 06:31 AM

Jayhack is absolutely right! Let's go after the big-bucks advertisers and coolwebsearch affiliates.

But more importantly, a lawsuit against a well-known company for advertising in this parasitic way will generate publicity and might even light a fire under some butts in the Justice Department to go after these scum.

The Senate Commerce Committee was already looking into Gator, but then 9-11 happened and the turmoil in the aftermath of that and Gulf War II understandably put that on the back burner.

A lawsuit would also net wonderful data through discovery. For example, who are coolwebsearch's affiliates? Those in the U.S. (many of whom are probably sole proprietors) could be exposed and be hit with multiple lawsuits, a class action suit or even lawsuits in small claims court (i.e. for computer repair costs). Knock their affiliates out of business, and coolwebsearch's revenue will dry up fast.

It appears as though Lycos email is disabled by these parasites. And why isn't Yahoo and Google claiming foul? Many computer users use those websites as their home page; revenue is lost every time a user's home page is hijacked.

The IAB took Gator to court in 2001 and Gator eventually reached an out-of-court settlement with the big boys. Does anyone know who IAB's counsel was in the case? Perhaps that law firm might be willing to take on a deep-pockets defendant if the chance of victory looks good. Maybe even pro bono, if the anti-porn angle and privacy concerns are worked in, given all the publicity such a lawsuit would generate.


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