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Webhelper: BulletProofSoft Installs Adware

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BulletProofSoft.com (Elbanhawy Gang) Now Installs Adware!


There was a post in the old forum that I gave me the link to Majorgeeks.com about popupsnuker.com. I have confirmed the installation of adware and other sites and software of theirs as well.


BPS Installs Adware: Topmoxie eBates Mo Money and Navexcel


after reading a posting over at the MajorGeeks.comforum stating that popupsnuker.com was installing adware with their software and MajorGeeks removed it because of the adware, I found that popupsnuker.com belongs to one of the groups that I have been monitoring for the past year and that is BulletProofsoft.com (BPS) that sells the spyware remover that has been suspected of being hacked from both adaware and spybot older software.


I went and tested all their sites and I find one that you download the various software is offered at download sites that they (BPS)have been linked to since 2000 and 2 more that also installs the Navexcel and topmoxie's eBates Mo Money adware.


This is something new for them and as such you will not know if any of their software has adware installs or not unless you run the installation to get the Install EULA which most users will click continue without reading down into the 20 somewhat pages to find out all there is to know.


I have the sites that they own, the sites that have adware, and the names used as authors throughout the Internet as you will need to know the name of the site that matches the software or its author to stay away from it. As is my criteria I set forth on my site at webhelper4u.com, any site that installs adware, then all sites that it owns, its affiliates and partners will be listed as direct or indirect supporters of adware installations for profiting from users personal information.


One part of the EULA is what really gets me. Here you install a popup blocker that could keep eBates ads from popping up and what a user is authorizing is to let eBates disable or delete any program that interferes with theirs.


". In installing the Moe Money Maker Software, you authorize Ebates to disable, uninstall, or delete any application or software that might, in Ebates' opinion nullify its function and put you at risk of loosing the cash-back savings that Moe Money Maker Software is designed to earn you..."


Authors Names used Advertising the software:

Ayman Elbanhawy

Ahmad Elbanhawy

Dr. Gamal Elbanhawy

Naglaa Elbanhawy



BPS Sites Adware Installs:


Installer File: pn.exe


Zillsoft.ws (Installs navexcel and Topmoxie eBates Mo Money adware)

Zilla cd dvd rip and burn zrnb20.exe

Zilla Anonymous Surfer zas2501.exe



spamnullifier (free version)


Installs navexcel



BulletProofSoft (BPS Gang) and Affiliates/Partners Sites


Activex.us - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Adnuker.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Ads4me.net - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Audioshareware.com - (H4Host.com)

Audiotools.ws - (H4Host.com)

bulletproofsoft.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)



Clicknzip.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Downloadupload.com - (H4Host.com)

Esftp.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

File4me.com -(Elbanhawy Investments Now H4Host.com)

Filehog.com – (H4Host.com)

Fireballftp.com -(Elbanhawy Investments Now Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Ftpking.com -(Elbanhawy Investments Now Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Ftpmonster.com -(Elbanhawy Investments Now Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Ftpright.net - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

h4host.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)


Job4middleeast.com -

(Boston Executive Limousine Now Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Jobbid.ws - (H4Host.com)

Jobbid4me.com -(Boston Executive Limousine Now Domains by Proxy, Inc.)


Mediatools.ws - (H4Host.com)

Monsterzip.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

noadware.com: - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)



Onestopsoft.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

popupshield.net -(Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

popupsnuker.com: (Godaddy) (installs ebates and navecel)

Robust.ws - (H4Host.com)

Robustftp.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Royalftp.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Sharewaredepo.com - (H4Host.com)

Sharewarepile.com - (H4Host.com)

Softdepo.com - (H4Host.com)

Softwareclub.ws - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Softwaredepo.com - (H4Host.com)

Softwarepile.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

soundindepth.com – (Domains by Proxy)

spaminnihilator.com – (Domains by Proxy)

Spamnullifier.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc)

spywarezapper.com (Domains by Proxy, Inc)

Spider.ws - (Chia Lor)

Tbel.net - (Boston Executive Limousine)

Traceremover.com - (Elbanhawy Investments)

Tracezapper.com - (Elbanhawy Investments)

Trackscrubber.com - (Elbanhawy Investments)

Trackzapper.com - (Elbanhawy Investments)

Windowscleanser.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Windowsclenser.com - (H4Host.com)

Zillaftp.com - (Domains by Proxy, Inc.)

Zillasoft.ws - (H4Host.com)


Cloned Download Sites Linked to the BPS














Sites of the Adware







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