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What web sites are guaranteed to infect PCs.

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:mellow: I have to test several of the anti-spyware products for work, so I need to infect several PCs with a variety of Spyware.


Unfortunately, I cannot find a list of web sites know to be pushing spyware.


Does anyone know what web site I could visit that will be guaranteed to give the PC a nasty dose of spyware.


I looking for all kinds, but especially wtools, gator, and about:blank, and any other BHO pusher.


Thank you

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Install Kazaa Media Desktop, for one. That'll tear up any PC.


Go to any site listed in the CWS Chronicles (http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn) and odds are you'll have some installed.


Free pr0n sites are easy places to get infectors, as is cracks.ws. Run through those, install a fre cracks, see how things go. I can guarantee you'll have CWS out the wazoo by the time you're done.


You might try animelyrics.com and animewallpapers.com - unless the admins have changed it, the scumbag advertisers from Flingstone and ABetterInternet install stuff through it.


You may also take this time to turn your bosses on to Mozilla Firefox and make that the default office web browser instead of IE. That'll stop a lot of stuff dead cold.

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