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Webfile Toolbar

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I was just wandering around the web and I happened upon one of those slightly-mistyped domain names that are phony search engines with a link to a WebFile Toolbar. Now, being as bored as I was I downloaded the thing. (but first I hadda switch into IE and lower my security settings ( :huh: ). I was hoping to use InCtrl5 to log it's install; but wait, it doesn't install via an .exe file, it installs via activex. Sound familiar?


So I did a little reading up on it, it's EULA didn't mention anything in the way of transmitting info, popups, etc. (http://toolbar.webfile.com/eula.php), but I did notice this little gem: "This limited warranty will be governed and interpreted according to the laws in Hong Kong." :lol:


While the EULA (which also serves as the privacy policy, go figure) mentions nothing whatsoever about privacy (although, it does hint that they will steal your business records and try to run you out of business :p ) the PrivacyFAQ does (http://toolbar.webfile.com/faqprivacy.php). It mentions that they do not "collect nor store any personal information" and that "All information is anonymous". So what "anonymous information" do they collect? :scratchhead: They've never expicitly state it.


Alright, so now my IE settings are low, I'm sitting at an ActiveX prompt. I'm trained, by nature, to click no. But I force myself to click yes. The screen flashes for a second and IE spawns a clone, this one with the toolbar installed. I check it out, it does block popups like it claims. So I close out of IE and reopen it. Woah, my homepage and all my search settings are changed to webfile.com, I don't remember reading anything about that. :deal:


So I tried searching for various things with the toolbar, I got little-to-no results for most of my searches, so much for being a search engine, eh? It only links to things that require you to spend money. Say, perhaps, I'm doing some school report on Abe Lincoln. I type it in the search box, hit enter, and the "most relevant" result is: Abraham Lincoln T-Shirt :unsure: . Incedentally, a search for "Webfile" returns no results :rofl:


Alright, so I play around with it a bit and want to see if anyone else has done the same: I google it, I only get results saying "download the webfiles toobar now". So, with the lack of info I long to find out more.


It drops the usual entries in HT (changing my homepage/search settings), shows my an apparently non-existant DLL file the toolbar itself is linked to, then an O16 so it can load/update itself.


Now I've had enough of it so I wish to uninstall, I look for where it is on my HDD. Oh, wait, it's only in my downloaded program files folder (that non-existant DLL), so I go to my add/remove app. Finally, something normal, theres an entry for it in there. *clicks add/remove* :scratchhead: *waits* :scratchhead: *clicks add/remove* :scratchhead: hmmm? not working? So I visit the uninstall page and uninstall it...somehow. It seems to be gone, but just to be sure I generate a new HT log, the O16 and O3 is gone, but my search settings are still set for webfiles!


So, as a rule I'd say stay away from this until someone can set the record striaght about it as there doesn't seem to be much info available.


Now my boredom is satisfied after writing this rather long thread. Yay! That made the afternoon just fly by!



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