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Rich from Milwaukee

about:blank comes back every day at lunchtime

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Hi -


I'm brand new to the forum but have been lurking and following the advice here. I thought I had this thing licked yesterday.


I've run Hijack This and CWS shredder pretty much daily for the last week. As the title says, every day I come back from lunch and my home page is back to about:blank, with the search page usually set back to something in the vn.msie.tv domain, replete with links for Viagara and popups saying that (duh!) my PC's been infected with spyware.


Each time I ran CWShredder, it found and removed cws.searchx. Yesterday after reading a post here I rebooted after running CWShredder and then ran it again, with no sign of CWS.


When I've been hijacked, my Hijack This log always has the lines ending in [random letters].dll/sp [obfuscated] etc. and the BHO with the same .dll file.


One thing I noticed was that in the Config tab of Hijack This, the start page had always been changed to about:blank from what it had been.


I was hopeful this morning because my start page was normal, CWShredder showed nothing and Hijack This was clean.


But today after lunch, my start page was back to about:blank (no search page, though). Interestingly, the weekly scheduled NAV scan occurred during lunch today. Of course it found nothing.


I can't not use IE but I did dump MSVM and install Sun Java.


I've locked down the Internet zone and totally locked down the Restricted Zone after running IE-Spyads to add the list of nasty sites to the zone.


I tried to run Spyware Blaster but kept getting a message that the program has been damaged, please reload. Reloaded, but with no joy.


I run Spybot S&D on a regular basis.


I just installed the browser hijack blaster app.


What in the sam hill is causing this to recur day after day??



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Probably a moot point now since my computer came up unbootable yesterday with the message "Windows could not start, C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\ntfs.sys file missing or corrupted"


Of course this happened in front of a customer after logging four hours of work which were saved only on my PC.


My IT guy had run another spyware scanner a couple days ago which found trojan DownloadUL.


I'm now trying to recover my system using Recovery Console but not having much luck. I even tried Microsoft's "last resort" method of "in-place upgrade" and the installer couldn't find the OS.


So I'm very slowly running chkdsk on my hard disk from the recovery console.


I don't know if this is related to malware or what. I offer it for what it's worth. Since no one has responded to any of my other posts, I don't really expect a response to this one.


I know you guys are busy, but sheesh... :scratchhead:





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