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Posted 05 June 2004 - 01:46 PM

To Newbies: I urge you to learn everything you can about your "toy"!! I had no contact with anyone for weeks . Finally was able to send my friends the following note. ( see below) It is really important to know where your mail comes from to avoid infection. Better yet Be Protected First! I am in the Boot Camp as a learner right now.. Education is the best defense against the intruders. Patience is a necessity.. Use this forum wisely.

To my Friends:
I am suspecting that my e.mail addresses some how got hijacked at my other excite address!!&^#%$@. Kathy and Vicki both have told me they DID NOT send the mail from them that I questioned but DID NOT open so I deleted it. I am not sure how another person can take an address and make it look like something is sent to you from someone you trust, [ and when you open it you get slammed with a virus or Trojan horse ] but obviously it is possible. AND this spread of one's address happens when we do forwards and everyone's address goes along with the message or joke and some hacker can get into someon's system and spread virus material, steal addresses, etc.

I have spent 5 weeks cleaning the virus out my machine and getting a second firewall and new virus scanner system ( NORTON was very expensive and in the end they were terrible and I had no tech support for the freeze they created ) { you cannot do anything new until all the old debris have been banished permanently} I had a lot of on-line help from a source I found through the Windows Newsgroups Forum. I have learned a lot in doing this myself instead of rushing my system to joe schmoe down the street so he can play with the hard drive and really foul things up. { While doing this process, I kept a hand-written dated log of every step I did and every error message I got so when the assistance had questions, I could tell them exactly what had been done etc. Sounds a bit "anal" but it was worth every the effort and was in the end very necessary }

I am urging you NOT to put strings of names in the TO: line when you send e.mail. Put them in the Bcc line so they go out "blind" when you hit send. I certainly do not want my e.mail address going any further than my friends ever again. I also will not open any mail I deem suspicious until I check with the sender.
Do not ever assume you have virus protection etc unless you get yourself familiar with your computer and keep things up to date. For those of you who are not computer literate to some extent, let me assure you that there are some terrible diseases out there ( Netsky,Blaster, and Sasser is the worst one to date) that are capable of invading your entire disk, attaching themselves to your files and mail etc going deeper into your computer than you can ever imagine.

All of you know this is my "first toy" even though I have extensive office computer experience. I thought it was fun ( like getting your first driver's license) until I got the first virus ( like learning there are helmet laws and seat belt laws and everything needs protection).

So becareful what you send me and where you send it

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Stop and Smell the Flowers!
It is said that Patience is a Virtue. When you ask for help here, it is a necessity.

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Posted 18 June 2004 - 10:30 AM

hiya. just in case u didn't know this, the AVG version 6 free scan and destroy system has an email scanner attached which will certify incoming
and out going emails virus free. download from www.grisoft.com. Its a good bit of kit. I'm new here and to this stuff too which is why I read your message. jedi

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