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I keep getting an email

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Yes, I hate monopoly, btw. ;)


One particular email from many diffrent addresses keeps appearing


It always contains the following:

Title:Mail Delivery (failure [My Email address, but if you get it obviously it will be yours])


The message reads:

If the message will not displayed automatically,

follow the link to read the delivered message.


Received message is available at:

<My Isp, but if you get it, it will be yours>


It obviously leads to something malicous, probaly a virus. Whatever it does, it's starting to piss me off!





Using Thunderbird's Junk mail features, I have managed to remove them out of my inbox, but I'm still pretty annoyed that these messages are taking up space, at least until I retrieve them from my mail server. Plus my junk mail folder is pretty big now, and it's filled exclusively with them.


Final note:







Got it?

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Dear Archon Wing,


calm down please....


Your advice is of course absolutely sound. I really understand your anger. I used to receive the same spam from different e-mail addresses at work (!!) with offers for some horrible frauds. I called IT department and asked that they block such addresses, but they are not almighty either...


I never open any suspicious attachments from unknown addresses. :bounce:

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