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Password protecting individual folders

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Since Windows does not offer this option automatically, I'm wondering whether anyone knows any good password folder protector software (freeware/pay-ware, I don't mind) that will lock up any folders especially those that contain sensitive information.


For example, if I have a folder containing sensitive personal data, I want to make sure that NOTHING has access to this folder. The only way to gain access to the folder would be to enter a password or via encryption. This just provides me with an extra level of security, in case my computer were to be attacked: firewall holes, trojans.


Mucho gracias for any suggestions!


PS Software would need to be Windows XP compatible.

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You can try PGP (version according to your needs) or DriveCrypt 4.1. (SecurStar) that is allegedly even better according to our national trusted IT magazine. They are good tools for encryption, but might be complicated if you are not familiar with similar tools. As to their options, check with the manufacturer. I do not know whether they can encrypt single folders.


I am also thinking about doing this.... Thank you for reminding me! I already see myself stuck in this difficult task. :scratchhead:


I know that e.g. Microsoft Word also offers protection for single documents. Check it in any Word document under Tools/Options/Security.


And good luck! :bounce:

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Thanks for your great contributions guys. Thyme I clicked your link, that program seems pretty solid. I'll give it a try :). I stumbled up this program: Lock Folder XP at http://www.everstrike.com. The features are:


-Lock Folder XP allows you to lock files, folders, drives or network drives.

-Password protection for files, folders and drives.

-Unlimited number of objects to be protected.

-Access restrictions and hiding your data from the users that have access to your computer, from local network users as well as Internet users.

-You can lock your Windows desktop, so that users cannot delete, add or modify the shortcuts, icons, etc. on your desktop.

-Password-protected start of Lock Folder XP.

-High-level protection.

-High performance rates.

-No one, but yourself will be able to access the locked files, folders and drives.

-Lock Folder XP does not change the file structure of the data, does not move the protected data, and does not change the Windows system files. You cannot lose you files.

-Support of FAT, FAT32, NTFS.


Lock Folder XP is slighty cheaper than Thyme's Fort Knox.


SpywareFighter (nice name ;)), I too was considering PGP but when I used it in the past I must admit it got a bit to complicated.


Yes, this is what I don't understand. Why does Microsoft provide password protection for its Office products and yet does not bundle the same options with XP i.e. letting us add passwords to ANY files?


Oh well, I'll check this two products out and see how they turn out. Thanks again guys. Spyware Fighter, if you do find a great app do you mind dropping a quick post regarding it?

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If I come across any good application, surely I will let you and the rest of the community know!


Good luck with encryption!



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