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LookSmart - Lycos is Spyware/Adware

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Our IT department has been hit twice by products of LookSmart, Ltd and I have see several threads here asking about it, so I thought I would post a separate thread on this subject. Here's the reply I made on another thread. Hope this is of interest..ces


PS: Fantastic Site! Keep up the great work........







Lycos is owned by LookSmart, Ltd and publically traded on the OTC under the symbol "Look". The company has become very bad news with significant spyware/adware issues. We have firewall & HOSTS file blocked all of LookSmart's products & related sites for quite some time now in our IT department. If you need more information, I would be happy to post our internal "poop" sheet on this company and all related sites.


Here's our IT tech "bullet report" on LookSmart, Ltd. You can add and delete from the list based on your personal preferences and usages.


Hope this was useful...ces




LookSmart, Ltd (Look) OTC & related affiliates/associates

~~[Kabanga Corp][Parasite.TopTextiLookup]










Ezula - Kabanga



Primary Sites













hotwired.lycos.com /www




kabanga.com /www





Win TCP/IP HOSTS File – LookSmart Ltd & Related (Last Dated 6/8/04)



#[Kabanga Corp][Parasite.TopTextiLookup]

#[last updated_060804] looksmart.com www.looksmart.com www.findarticles.com www.looksmart.com.au www.ukdirectory.co.uk www.looksmart.co.nz www.looksmart.co.jp www.looksmartclicks.com canada.looksmart.com looklistings.looksmart.com mysearch.looksmart.com looksmart.yack.com aboutus.looksmart.com www.searchengineshowdown.com altavista.looksmart.com live.looksmart.com synd-uk.looksmart.co.uk search.looksmart.com ads.looksmart.com bsads.looksmart.com cnn.looksmart.com monitor.looksmart.com sv-bsads.looksmart.com sv-www.looksmart.com www.ezula.com app.ezula.com chat.ezula.com kabanga.com


#LOOKSMART-TRIPOD-LYCOS_HOTWIRED_QUOTE_MATCHMAKER hotwired.com www.hotwired.com www.matchmaker.com www.quote.com adbuyer.lycos.com adbuyer1.lycos.com adbuyer2.lycos.com adbuyer3.lycos.com ads.lycos.com ads.tripod.com ads.tripod.lycos.co.uk ads1.tripod.com build.tripod.com cm8.lycos.com guestworld.tripod.lycos.com hb.lycos.com icache.getrelevant.com install.sidesearch.lycos.com linktracker.angelfire.com linktracker.tripod.com nedstat.tripod.com oreo.matchmaker.com titan.guestworld.tripod.lycos.com kr-adimage.lycos.co.kr



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Tripod: Website hosting. Many many pop-ups on your sites!

Lycos: On my computer there's Lycos Websearch installed, and i cant get it off!!! So annoying! everytime I make a mistake in typing, such as "gooogle.com", it redirects to the Lycos website! :grrr:

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I've got three different anti-spyware programs and a few weeks ago after scanning with two I used Spyware Nuker 2005 and it found 'Lycos Toolbar.' It does seem like they've gone evil... strange, I remember a few years ago they had their ads all over TV. I wonder what went wrong.

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I wonder what went wrong.



What usually goes "wrong" - greed gets the better of someone and off they go...

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