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Hi all,


First off, I have to say this forum is great!

I installed Firefox yesterday and love it!

There are so many extensions that can be installed to add to this already great browser.

So I was hoping someone could tell me what they feel are must have extentions?

By "must have" I mean, security wise etc.

If you also know of extensions that would add to browsing experiance, please feel free to voice them...just let us know

look forward to reading the posts.




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No extensions are needed for security reasons.


As for "must have" extensions, the ones I can't live without are Tab Browser Extensions, Googlebar and Paste and go. I also have several others I always install, but I can't stand to use FF without those three.



Also User Agent Switcher for the few sites stupid enough to try to block access based on browser.

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Adblock. No contest. It's far more specific than Firefox's built-in blocker _and_ it can block specific file types, e.g. *.swf kills Flash movies.




I literally haven't seen an ad in the last two months.

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Besides those mentioned.


X - Cleans your cache,cookies etc at one shot


Cookie button - Quick way to set cookie permissions per site


Cookie culler - quick access to cookies for removal.


IEview - adds a right click to open a link with IE


All in one gestures - Mouse gestures, intergretes with TBE , so you can set mouse gestures for unclose tab.


Prefbutton/toolbar enhancments - Add options to turn on off java,js,referrer,proxies etc with a single click


Pastequote- For posting on forums such as this! Adds

to pasted stuff from the clipboard


Context search - adds your mycroft search plugins so you can highlight right click and search with any one of them


Smartsearch - Same as context search except it uses the bookmark searches


Conquery - like the above 2, but more powerful , it can automatically use parimeters like the url, the domain name of the site you are on etc as parimeters to send to the search form. Eg you can check a webpage for html validity, look up it's domain records etc.


Searchbutton - controls whether searches using the search toolbar open in a new tab or on the same tab.


And many many more.....

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There's also a 'Sort Bookmarks' extension, which enables you to sort the bookmarks in alphabetical order, which is worth installing.

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I don't know if they make one for Windows anymore..... Maybe check the downloads server index...

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Java is a plugin, the OP asked for extensions??

It's listed on the extensions page. Why not just get that as well? ;)

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Morphis 'Super Drag & Drop'.



Similar to myIE2's "super drag&drop". It allows you:

1) Drag



link (e.g. google )

text-link (e.g.  http://www.google.com    )

text-uri  (e.g.    abc.com )


bookmark quicklink from bookmarks toolbar folder

and throw it anywehere on your webpage (content area) and open it on a new tab.


2) Drag a word or a phrase and throw it anywhere on your webpage (content area) to search it through whatever search engine installed/selected in your search bar. If "find in this page" is selected, it uses the default google search engine. (note: this "search-through-searchbar" feature is supported from 0.1.5 on).


3)(0.1.6 )Adding options to configure new tabs for "link/text-link/uri" and "search" loaded in foreground or background. Default setting: "link/text-link/uri" in background, "search" in foreground



4) (0.2)Version 0.2 which fixed a main bug (interfering moving text in text-frame/box to copy/paste) and several other minor enhancements.



5)(!new 0.2.1 )Drag an image to download

[Credit goes to NetOne]

Adding a new function which allows users dragging an image and drop it to start downloading it with the download manager of firefox. You can globally disable this feature from its option and keep dragging an image to open it in a new tab . Or you can temporarily disable downloading dragged images by holding Ctrl key when dropping it.

(!new 0.2.2 )Download images to a default folder directly: An option is added. Users can configure to drag an image and

. either download it using the system's download manager

. or download it to a default folder directly, where the default folder is configurable.

[Thanks NetOne: I use his saveImage() function to save images when bypassing the system's download manager.]



6)(!new 0.2.3) mainly bug fixing

. [fixed] Reversed radio button on fx 0.8 of "save image with download manager" and "download to default folder".

. [fixed] "drag xpi file and drop to start installation" was broken since introducing image downloading feature (0.2.1)

. [fixed] "drag various type of files: .txt, .html, .js, .img and drop to open it with fx" was broken since introducing "directly download image to a default folder" (0.2.2)

. [fixed] Status bar notice doesn't show up properly on linky img

. [Enhacement] Status bar shows the image file name and its download folder when finishing downloading images, instead of the generic one: "The image is beeing saved."



[ It works for firefox 0.8 - 1.0. ]

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