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Can't Download Anything, Net Slow...

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#1 seryl



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Posted 12 June 2004 - 03:24 PM

I'm having a terrible problem where I cannot update Norton, as it stops partially through the download. Also, I can't download the update manually, as none of my downloads seem to want to finish. They all stop somewhere between 38 and 98 percent completion. I managed to download two zip files (CWshredder and the startup program), though it won't let me download either the .exe or the .zip version of HijackThis. The internet is running horribly slow, and I have to hit reload multiple times before the page is somewhat viewable. When I try to log onto Aol Instant Messenger, my buddy list is always at 0/198, despite the fact that my contacts are on. Said contacts claim they cannot see me on, either.

I've near ripped my hair out searching the registry, going through pages and pages of Symantec searches, trying in vain to download virus and spyware software... nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me, please? I can't post a HijackThis log, as I can't download it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

#2 roger



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Posted 12 June 2004 - 08:32 PM

I don't know what version of windows you are using, but it's obvious you have other processes running. In Your task bar at the bottom left, see what you can right click on and then exit, like Yahoo pager, MSN message service, but not your connection, firewall, or virus checker. Let's start with a firewall... you do have one? If not you are letting everything access the network unbeknown to you.

Try CTRL ALT DEL, also known as the Microsoft salute, and see what nonsense is running beside system Tray, explorer, Iexplorer, rnaapp... maybe a modem is listed or something else You use. But if you have much adware on your system unchecked and no firewall... yeah you're going to be very slow. They're all calling home and using your bandwidth.

It is possible you have a Trojan. If nothing You have will run, get on another person's computer, search for "Stinger" by Avert. It will fit nicely on a floppy and most Trojans, virus don't prevent it from running. It's about 800k

Let me know what you have running when you press CTRL ALT DEL. :oops:

#3 seryl



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Posted 13 June 2004 - 01:26 PM

Ahhh... thanks a ton for the reply. I stayed up all night with a friend figuring it out. It turns out not only did I have a virus, but my hub randomly died. It was irritating after searching meticulously through the registry, comparing running tasks and looking for suspicious registry entries as well as going through about 40 pages of possible viruses that finally, after all that, moving the line from the hub directly to the dsl modem suddenly made the net want to download things again. After that, I updated Norton, killed the virus, and went out and bought a new hub. :hmmm: After much headaches, all is well. And no spyware! (Good thing, too... I've got all the good spyware finders/killers. I'd hate to have lost faith in those!)

Thanks for your help. Sometimes the solution is in the last place you'd expect. (And it makes for a very long night.)

I'm a happy girl now, so I'm going to bed!

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