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CCleaner and Real Network

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#1 dietpepsimanaddic



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Posted 14 June 2004 - 11:52 PM

Hi! How are you? Me fair. I want to ask all you expert out there, if this software is really spyware free, of what the developer is saying on the website of that software.
On the website there is no privacy policy and in the instanller the EULA was very breif and not much on it. Here is the website address: www.ccleaner.com, it is hosted by spazmatic. I just wanted to know if it is safe to keep it on my computer, I ran Spybot Search and Destroy but found nothing. But I am becoming very paranoid about the software out there because I was burn a plethora of time even to reformat all my computer all over twice and had to change my old computer it was beyond repair.
SO that is why I am asking this question.
On another front, is Real Network the maker of the Real Player has clean up their act yet? I have the Real Player 10 install on my computer and if not is there any alternative out there, because I am streaming a lot, I am a streaming buff, there is some site that I go to listen the only option is Real Player. So just wanted to know if they are now safe.
Another question if I may, Jet Audio Basic the newer version is it safe? I know it the past they had cydoor on their software.
I am very paranoid as you can all see and read.
Can any excellent expert that you are can help me with all this.
I have anoterh question but it is not the right forum to ask, so I will post it on the appropriate forum.
Thank you for your attention and collaboration
Take good care and stay safe. : :weee:
P.S. on the Ccleaner website there is a place that we can donate, so if it is any indication of not being spyware or adware.

#2 Mike


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Posted 15 June 2004 - 02:42 PM

Never heard of ccleaner, so I can't say if it's good or bad.

As for Real, read this and make up your own mind: http://www.spywarein...apr30,2004#real
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#3 jerry4dos



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Posted 17 June 2004 - 12:27 AM

I've been using CCLEANER for a few months and haven't had a bit of trouble with it. It seems to do just what it says it will do.

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